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Hotel Chocolat Salted Peanut Creams

031I haven’t reviewed as much Hotel Chocolat stuff as I would have liked to since I started this site. They have a brilliant array of produce constantly on sale and they’re one of my favourite chocolate businesses anywhere…but whilst I eat plenty of their chocolate, especially the mini-slabs which they make, I normally demolish it without sitting down and writing a review. So REALLY, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s fault for making their chocolates too nice looking. But I just about managed to control myself around these Salted Peanut Creams, so I actually have written a review of them!

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Popchips’ Barbecue, and Salt and Vinegar

001I frequently get emails from readers who ask why ALL I eat is chocolate. It’s a reasonable question- I do eat a serious amount of it. But I actually prefer savoury foods in general, and in particular I’m a big fan of crisps. (Or ‘chips’ as Americans and Australians insist on calling them!) I first found Popchips on sale at Liverpool Street station in London, and have bought them whenever I’ve seen them ever since. So when Popchips offered to send me their flavours to review…I jumped at the opportunity. Today I’m looking at their Barbecue flavour as well as their Salt and Vinegar.

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The Fudge House Experience

032It’s new company time today! This time in the shape of The Fudge House. They are a family run business which have their base in Edinburgh, Scotland and they make…well, as you might have guessed, they make fudge. And not just one flavour like some companies. In fact they make a couple of dozen different flavours which is what attracted me to them in the first place when I originally found them on twitter.

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The Gobstopper Experience

001I eat a lot of chocolate. I snack on quite a few other bits and pieces as well; crisps, cereal, fruit and the like. But I don’t tend to eat many ‘sweets’ these days. By sweets, I mean those products which are small, garishly coloured and probably about as good for you as a punch in the face. I’m not sure when and why I stopped eating them…I suppose you just grow out of sweets and I haven’t really eaten them for a decade. So when retro sweetshop The Gobstopper got in touch offering me the opportunity to try their service, I thought ‘it has been a while now…why the hell not?’

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Lily O’Brien’s Salted Caramel Chocolates

029Well I said on Monday how much I like trying brand new companies. They’re not always great (Elizabeth Shaw’s stuff at the start of the week was pretty disappointing) but there is the chance that it could be great, which is enough to energise me. Maybe that’s because I’m an optimist…but the way I see it, every new company you try could well be brilliant. And that is what I’m hoping for from Lily O’Brien’s and their Salted Caramel Chocolates.

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Frey Chocobloc Orange

I said last week that this week would be ‘Frey Week’, and here we are! A week of daily Frey reviews, including a variety of flavours, textures and sizes. First up, we’ve got the Chocobloc Orange; a sister product of the Chocobloc Dark reviewed on here last week.  It’s exactly the same concept, but made with milk chocolate and orange instead of plain old dark chocolate.

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The Grown Up Chocolate Company Tasting Box:

Among the very first reviews I wrote on this site were The Grown Up Chocolate Company’s Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker and Crunchy PralineWonder Bar. I loved them both and they’re both among the highest scoring bars on here- they were packed with flavour, very fresh and a joy to eat. So it was with real excitement that I learnt that The Grown Up Chocolate Company also ran a chocolate tasting club, similar to that of Hotel Chocolat.