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Ritter Sport Yogurt

001Well, it sure feels like I haven’t written a review for a while. Oh right yeah, that’s because I haven’t! It has been nearly a whole month which is frankly disgraceful. And what a crazy month it has been- famous people dying, terrorism on U.S soil and…urgh…JLS splitting up? I’ve probably missed a whole load of other stuff too- I’ve been revising really quite intensely for my university final exams which are very soon.  Hence the lack of reviews recently. In fact I wasn’t planning on writing any during my exam period, but this review is essentially a form of procrastination! So what am I reviewing exactly? Well it’s Ritter Sport’s Yogurt bar of course.

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Cadbury Wispa

016After the Butterfinger bar, which is hugely popular and a bit of an American classic, I’ve got a British equivalent today to review. It might not be as old as the Butterfinger range from Nestle, but Cadbury’s Wispa bar is massive. I worked in a newsagents for a year and I’ve no doubt that we sold far more Wispas and Wispa Golds than any other product- even the legendary Mars and Snickers bars. Cadbury (back when they really WERE Cadbury, and not Kraft) discontinued it in 2003, but when the Wispa was brought back, people just EXPLODED for it.

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Frey Milk Hazelnut Supreme

001I’m reviewing the final bar from Frey’s Supreme range that they sent me a few months ago today. This is the milk chocolate version of the dark chocolate bar I took a look at just before Christmas, whilst previous to that I reviewed their White Chocolate Almond bar- which is one of my favourite EVER chocolate products. Both of the previous bars have impressed me (in particular the white chocolate one) so I was seriously looking forward to getting my teeth into this.

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Frey Chocobloc Milk

Long term readers might recollect me mentioning that a Swiss chocolate company called Frey generously sent me a giant care package of their chocolate range last month. Well there were a variety of intriguing and delicate flavour combinations buried in the box, but something stood out visually. There is a plethora of 100g and 50g bars in the chocolate market…they are the standard sizes. So Frey have decided to mix things up a little, and throw in a 400g behemoth- their giant Chocobloc Milk.

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Saffire Choc Pops

I’ve recently found a small-ish local chocolate company here in Norwich. I really should have found it earlier; Norwich isn’t exactly bursting with things to do/see so I’m surprised it has taken me this long to discover Saffire Chocolates.

Making the time to swing by their shop on the outskirts of the city, I was seriously impressed by what I saw. The variety in store was fantastic- it was a problem trying to pick just 2 or 3 things to leave with. When there are so many cool things under one roof, I always think that it’s the foodie equivalent to when sports coaches complain about having too many good players in their squad. It’s a welcome headache though; I’d always want too many good things, rather than not enough!

Truly Chocolates No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

Truly Chocolates kindly sent me over a sample of their own blend of milk chocolate to review this week. Now normally, I’m not the kind of guy who gets ‘turned on’ by plain old chocolate. When I’m looking at chocolate bars in a shop, I tend to very rarely choose regular Dairy Milk/Galaxy/Yorkie bars; instead plumping for the more adventurous stuff on offer.


Grown Up Chocolate Company Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar

As with the previous product review from The Grown Up Chocolate Company, I think the initial conclusion you can draw from their products is how classy they look for a ‘fun’ bar. This isn’t just some cheapo wrapper like a lot of the bigger companies use, but a thoughtful and well put together box. Not only that, but it did the job as well- the bar arrived in perfect condition. So, talking of the bar…let’s move onto that.