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Cadbury’s Curly Wurly

001Ahhhhh, the classic Curly Wurly. ‘Back in the day’ when I was a little boy, Curly Wurlies were the most sought after bar going solely because of price. There was the Freddo and Chomp range available at 10p. And of course the full sized bars like Mars and Snickers- at 40p+, these were a luxury option rarely possible on a limited pocket money budget. But the Curly Wurlies cost about 20-25p, leaving you with a tough decision on how to spend your pennies. So screw you George Osborne- you don’t truly know what tough financial decision-making is.

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Mars Bar


I always try to avoid overhyping things and using unnecessary exaggerations these days. The modern media is so obsessed with sensationalising everything that even the most powerful words are becoming increasingly tame and meaningless. However, in my opinion, the Mars Bar is absolutely iconic of British and Western culture. It is a true giant; found everywhere, known everywhere and advertised everywhere.

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Reese’s Nutrageous

I love winning stuff. I don’t want to bombard you with old sayings and clichés, but I was raised with that whole ‘honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay’ message. However, as you grow up, you realise more and more that ‘money won is sweeter than money earned’.  Anyway, I digress- the reason I mention winning stuff is because today’s review is of a product that I won via twitter. I hate the twitter craze of ‘Retweet to enter our competition’ but, suspiciously after winning exactly that type of competition… I’ve suddenly become more tolerant of it!