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Arnott’s Tim Tam Fingers


Tim Tams are pretty legendary within Australia I think. Or certainly as an outsider anyway, I associate them as synonymous with Australian culture. You say Australia, and I’l say cricket, beaches, the outback, beer, barbeques…and Tim Tams. I’d never actually had the opportunity to try them though, so to say I was delighted when I opened up Aimee’s package for me and a packet of this fell out would be an understatement. Surely something so successful must be good right?

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Milka Caramel

I barely ate any Milka chocolate growing up- it was never on sale in the UK. This was something of a minor tragedy really because the flavours that the brand is most famous for are sweetness and milkiness- which is exactly what a young boy craves. However their presence in the British market exploded about -3 years ago and now they’ve got a decent range of 5+ bars available in all major British retailers; supermarkets and the like. Which is exactly how I bought their Caramel flavoured variety, which is what I’m taking a look at today.

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Cadbury Choc’ Full Of Pretzel

I’m constantly moaning that Cadbury’s UK don’t create enough new products and don’t seem to try and ‘wow’ British consumers often enough. So I’m happy to give them the credit where it is due today, as I review their new and totally original ‘Choc’ Full Of Pretzel’. The company has a tendency to ‘recycle’ products at times- it has been the case in the past that an old (failed) bar reappears in a slightly different guise within a few months. They haven’t done that here though- the Choc’ Full Of Pretzel is like nothing I’ve seen from Cadbury UK before.


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Kinder Bueno White

I probably should have reviewed a normal Kinder Bueno bar before the Kinder White I guess. However I’ve chosen to review the Bueno White first, which is a little like reviewing a Twix Fino before a Twix or Rolo Biscuits before actual Rolos… just not right. But hey- the shop I was on at the time didn’t have any milk chocolate Buenos, only their white chocolate alternative.  So screw it- I wasn’t going to go walking around everywhere just to find the same bar but with a different chocolate coating. I’l review the milk chocolate Bueno in the future sometime.