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The Gobstopper Click ‘n’ Mix

001A couple of months ago, I reviewed what I called ‘The Gobstopper Experience’. The Gobstopper is a company based in Northern England who specialise in retro sweets. They kindly contacted me to offer me the chance to experience their new product- their Click ‘n’ Mix. Pick ‘n’ Mix is a great example of what I always called ‘sweeties’ whilst I was growing up. ‘Sweeties’ are a very particular type of sweet- not everything sweet counts as a ‘sweetie’ to me. Sweeties must be luridly coloured and/or extremely sweet/sour. There must be minimal vitamins and nutrients involved for a true sweetie.

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Cadbury Golden Crisp

016Ireland is well known for a lot of things. Guinness (The Irish consume more beer per head than any other country in the world); leprechauns; passion; sport; fighting and a lot more. Those are ordinarily what people think of when they think or Ireland right? Well every country and culture has hidden gems as well, and that is what I’m hoping the review today will turn out to be- it’s Cadbury Ireland’s Golden Crisp bar. Without even a drop of Guinness.

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Nestle Violet Crumble


I haven’t done a review for a little bit- Christmas got in the way. But I’l try and make up for that by doing daily reviews this week…in the form of Australia Week! I have an Australian reader, Aimée, who has recently moved from her homeland over here to the UK. She very generously and thoughtfully brought over some of Australia’s chocolate for me to try, and that is what I’l take a look at every day this week. Starting today, with Nestle’s Violet Crumble bar.

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Montezuma’s Eton Mess:

The end of the Olympics has meant a bit of a hole has formed in my day to day life. Instead of being able to watch women boxing at 1PM in the afternoon or the Saudi Arabian archery team as soon as I got up… I’ve found only Cash in the Attic and Doctors on TV during the day. This made me sad- very sad indeed. So I went to a shop and bought a British themed product to try and get myself back in the spirit of the Olympics even though they’re over. Kind of like a heroin addict taking methadone- it obviously isn’t going to do the job, but it might make reality a little less brutal!


Green and Blacks Raisin and Hazelnut

This isn’t just my first review of a Green and Black’s chocolate bar, but also the first time I’ve ever eaten their chocolate at all. Their reputation in England is as an up-market but accessible company- a little pricier than Cadbury, Mars or Nestle but still available to buy in all major supermarkets and shops.


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M&M’s Pretzel

I love M&M’s. I think that’s because, when I was growing up, I hated Skittles with a passion and therefore needed to find a luridly coloured sweet to fill that void. Peanut M&M’s obviously passed the ‘E number test’ and therefore became a crucial component of my ‘athlete’s diet’ which provided the energy to run amok around the family house between the ages of 7 and 13, and make my parents’ life an abject misery . Sorry Mum. Sorry Dad. If it makes you feel any better, ming vases are overrated anyway.


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Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

I love Kinder chocolate. That might seem like a strange way to start a review of a Lindt bar, but all will become clear over the next 2 minutes of you reading this.

This ‘Double Milk’ flavoured Lindt product comes described as ‘Swiss milk chocolate with a milky filling.’ Now, apart from sounding a bit dirty, I was intrigued as to what this actually meant when I picked this bar off the shelf.
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