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Penn State Smoky BBQ, Sea Salted, and Sour Cream + Chive Pretzels

049I’ve been sat on these pretzels for a while. Not literally of course. I was kindly sent them by some PR people a long, long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away) and then didn’t review them for ages. Why? Well, as I’ve spoken about before, I don’t have a single place where I keep all of my snacks to review…meaning, occasionally, things can get ‘misplaced’. Then I found them, and thought I’d launch a new format- The Snack Review’s Savoury Saturday!  Yep, these pretzels from Penn State were once lost, but now they’re found. And going in my belly.

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Mars’ Snickers More Nuts

014Day two of Snickers Week brings us a super duper, highly thoughtful and borderline revolutionary new Snickers bar from Mars UK. Ok, I might have gone a little over the top. Or a LOT over the top. Because the Snickers More Nuts is a regular Snickers bar…with a few more nuts. Awe-inspiringly original stuff from Mars’ product development department, but something I was interested in trying none the less as a limited edition product.

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Frey Dark Crunchy Almond:

We’re finally here. I promised you Frey Week and WHAT a week it has been. The laughs we’ve shared; the tears, the rage, the horror and hysteria, the depression, disgust and love. Well, actually it has just been me eating chocolate. But hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of the reviews! The final review this week comes in the form of Frey’s Dark Crunchy Almond bar.

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Nestle Caramac

We’re all products of the environment that we’re raised in. This means passing on traditions, beliefs and opinions, but also passing on interests and passions. The Nestle Caramac is a bar that my Dad has always had a bit of a taste for. He has never been one to chow down on a Mars bar or a Snickers; but he has a penchant for the Caramac. I’m also (on an unrelated note) fairly certain that the Caramac isn’t a bar which is well known outside of the UK so this might be new and interesting for some non-Brit readers especially.

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Nestle Boci Aero:

Well, for the second review running, I have somebody else to thank. Rather than winning today’s product in a competition, I was sent this bar out of a reader’s kindness and generosity. You’ll see ‘Choc It Out!’ in the ‘blogs I read’ down the right hand side of this page. Marcus, who runs that site, saw this bar and, knowing that I wanted it and couldn’t find it in any of my local shops, posted it to me. So huge thanks to Marcus for sending me this ‘Boci Aero’- a chocolate bar made by Nestle.


Heavenly Cakes Rum and Raisin Tiffin

Continuing on with the Olympic theme, we’ve got a Jamaican special from Heavenly Cakes in the shape of a Rum and Raisin Tiffin. What’s so Jamaican about that I hear you shout? Well the team over at Heavenly Cakes have chucked in some real Jamaican rum into the recipe to give it some kick! What’s not to like? Cakes- good. Booze- good. Cakes + booze- excellent.