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Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts

001I haven’t eaten a Ritter Sport bar for absolutely yonks. They just don’t really seem to be available that much in the UK that I can see- I’ve only reviewed two on here before and I found them both in a train station of all places. Then Chris, the friendly owner of a website called Monster Sweets, got in touch and offered me the chance to sample a collection of their imported Ritter Sport range. It goes without saying that I jumped at the opportunity, and this is the first review of a few that I’l be doing. The Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts.

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Golden Wonder HP Sauce and Heinz Ketchup Crisps

001I’ve been sat on these for a while. Not literally. But I was sent them by a PR team but have been more than a bit snowed under (once again, figuratively speaking) with university deadlines. However I’ve finally got round to eating them, which is good news because Golden Wonders’ limited edition HP sauce crisps, and their Heinz Tomato Ketchup option both ‘float my boat’ in theory. I laaaaav condiments in general, and aside from my beloved Henderson’s Relish, these two varieties come a close second as personal favourites.

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Mars 3 Musketeers

021The famous 3 Musketeers bar. I’ve seen it in American films, heard about it in American songs (mostly by crap Indie bands trying to critique U.S culture) and now I’ve seen it in my bag on the way home from my import store in Norwich. I was prompted to buy it after reviewing the Mars Bar earlier this week- I’m informed that this is essentially a Mars Bar but without the caramel layer. And as I enjoyed the Mars Bar, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

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Necco Skybar


I like it when something really different and interesting comes along. So I was delighted when I was looking on the shelves of CyberCandy to find what I can only describe as one seriously weird bar of chocolate. The Necco Skybar. I’m guessing that most readers won’t have heard of it before- I certainly hadn’t before I found it. It’s essentially 1 bar of chocolate with four pieces. No so unusual I hear you shout? But each piece here is a different flavour. So it’s a single bar, with four different flavours to it. Odd.

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Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich

I bought today’s review from CyberCandy, although I can’t remember how much it cost me exactly- the Covent Garden shop was overflowing with tourists so I just had to grab and run. (Well, and pay obviously.) There were actually a couple of American tourists in there (obviously tourists from the ill-fitting fanny packs around their waists!) which was a bit weird… unless they were on a long holiday and just fancied ‘a taste of home’, it seems a little strange to visit a shop which imports stuff you see every day at home. If an Eskimo went on holiday, he wouldn’t buy snow would he?

Nestle Lion Pop Chocs

Having heard about the existence of ‘Rolo Sticks’ (literally long, thin sticks of Rolos) I immediately dispatched a London based friend to go to Sam’s 99p stores, where they were rumoured to be, and buy me some. Unfortunately they didn’t have them (if any readers know where they can be found- please do tell!) but my friend picked up something else for me instead… Lion Pop Chocs. I knew that Nestle had released Kit Kat Pop Chocs in England already, but these Lion Pop Chocs appeared to be a French import.


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Zero Bar


I was in London last week, and couldn’t resist a visit to Cyber Candy. Granted, there are similar places doing the ‘foreign candy thing’ dotted around, but there is something about the lay-out in their Covent Garden store which excites me. There is a simply amazing plethora of new and eye catching products from all over the globe which the UK has never had on our shores.

One such bar, produced by Hershey’s, is the Zero candy bar.