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Snickers Cruncher

I first saw the Snickers Cruncher on ChocItOut’s video channel on Youtube. Marcus who runs ChocItOut is essentially a bit of a God at finding obscure and fantastic foreign bars of chocolate…and occasionally even sets challenges; how many of the unusual and rare bars that he has found can you match? Well watching one of those videos was the first time that I even realised the Snickers Cruncher existed…and I finally found it recently.

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Frey Chocobloc Dark:

Another one of the fascinating bars which I was fortunate to receive from Swiss chocolate company Frey- the Frey Chocobloc Dark- is a dark chocolate cousin of (and a significantly smaller version of!) the Chocobloc Milk that I took a look at not so long ago. You’ll remember it- it was the behemoth which put a couple of inches on my biceps just carrying it around. Whilst the flavour concept is the same here with the Chocobloc Dark, this weighed in at a much more normal 100g.

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Ferrero Duplo

After reviewing the Cadbury Crispello on Monday of this week, I’ve got something today which is actually fairly similar in style to review. But unlike the Crispello, which will be (I’m sure) available in just about every shop going in a few weeks time, the Ferrero Duplo is something that I was totally unaware of until I found it and bought it. You’ve probably all gathered, from the strange foreign chocolate I occasionally review, that I like a good peruse of foreign food shops from time to time. And that was exactly how I found this 58p Ferrero Duplo bar.

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Nestle Lion White

I’ve taken the rule book and lobbed it out of the window for today’s review. By that,  I mean that I’ve previously managed to find and review the rarer varieties from the Lion range; their Lion Peanut and Lion Pop Chocs… and to go with those I finally found and bought the Lion White which I’m reviewing today. But I STILL haven’t done a regular Lion bar yet…which is totally counter-intuitive and against ‘the rules’. So that’s me: Dave the chocolate reviewing maverick. Society (and basic logic) would have wanted me to start with the traditional Lion bar to allow for comparisons. But screw that. So here it is: the Lion White.

Kinder Cereali Summer

Well I’m coming towards the end of the ‘holiday collection’ of chocolate that came from Malta about 3 months ago. I’ve tried to save some of the more interesting and odd stuff until later, and interesting and odd are definitely adjectives that can be used to describe the Kinder Cereali Summer. From the description alone, this actually sounds fairly straight forward and run of the mill- ‘A top layer of milk chocolate with creamy white chocolate and cereal pieces.’ Just sounds like a normal Kinder bar with a few cereal bits chucked in right?