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Nestle Lion Peanut

Roooooooar. Bet that scared you right. Anyway, the obvious reason for the roar is that today’s review is on a Lion product. Not the original Lion bar, but an alternative that I found in a local corner shop the other day- the Lion Peanut. I’d never actually heard of this before; I knew of the Lion and the semi-legendary Lion White, but never the Lion Peanut. The wrapper proclaimed it to be ‘new’ but given that none of the wrapper was written in English (or even in a language that I could recognise at all!) I can’t actually even say which country this is new to exactly!


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Hershey’s Reese’s Whoppers

I picked these up from Cyber Candy’s Covent Garden store last week. Whoppers are an American candy very similar to Maltesers- a malt middle surrounded in milk chocolate. These are the Reese’s peanut butter variety- so these Reese’s Whoppers from Hershey’s were a malt middle with a coating of what was described on the box as ‘peanut butter flavoured’ covering.  


Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam Truffles

Hotel Chocolat have sprung from nowhere in the last few years. The high street chocolate market had always been dominated by Thorntons, but Hotel Chocolat (at a slightly different price range) has taken Thorntons to pieces. The reason for that is the mixture of good quality products, but also fresh ideas. Hotel Chocolat manages to create new and exciting food every year, and these Raspberry Jam Truffles followed that trend.