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Mars’ Snickers More Caramel

017I massively slagged off the Snickers More Nuts on Tuesday because I thought that the newly released limited edition bar from Mars UK demonstrated a real lack of originality and innovation. Well this is the other product from that same limited edition range, and I’m sincerely hoping it isn’t anywhere near as lame! Day 4 of Snickers Week sees a review of the Snickers More Caramel bar.

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Cadbury Cherry Ripe 60% Cocoa


It’s day two of Australian Week, and also day one of 2013- so a happy new year to all of my readers and may this year bring you lots of happiness. Today, I’m reviewing a Cadbury bar that has never graced the British shores for whatever reason- the Cherry Ripe 60% cocoa. I’d never heard of it before I opened up Aimee’s parcel, so I’ve got no idea what is coming with this!

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Mars Milky Way

Where to start with the Milky Way? Well, probably my clearing up a bit of name ambiguity I guess. Here in Britain, we have a Milky Way made by Mars. In the United States, there is also a chocolate bar, made by bars and called a Milky Way. Now I know what you’re thinking (namely that they must be the same bar and I’m an idiot for rambling on about it). Well you’d be wrong.


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Cadbury Choc’ Full Of Popcorn

I don’t know what it is about living out ‘in the sticks’, but new products seem to take aaaages to arrive here. This new popcorn product from Cadbury had seemingly arrived on shelves all over the country apart from Norwich. However at long last I found a bag in Tesco last week, on introductory offer for £1.


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