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Frey Dark Orange

030Nothing says Christmas quite like chocolate orange. So why the hell I’m eating and reviewing Frey’s Dark Orange bar in February I’m not quite sure. Well my parents did always insist that I was very ‘special’ and a lot of my school teachers said the same…so I guess that would probably explain it! I’m nearly at the end of my (initially vast!) Frey stocks now with just a couple of bars remaining, and today I’m looking at their take on the classic chocolate and orange flavour combination.

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Lindt Velvety Vanilla Almond

I get the feeling that I’m being a bit slow on these Lindt bars. They were released quite a while ago (in the summer) and some review sites seemed to do them all in the space of a week. I’ve spread them out though, and having done the Sumptuous Orange and Luscious Caramel 4-6 weeks ago, I’m onto the penultimate bar from Lindt’s new Creations range today: The Velvety Vanilla Almond.
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Lindt Cresta

Every time I begin to think I’ve finally reviewed all of the chocolate that I brought back from my summer holiday in Malta, I find another one tucked away in my house somewhere, and off I go again. This time it’s a Lindt bar that popped up from the back of a drawer in my kitchen. This Lindt Cresta bar was a standard 100g, but I’ve never seen another Lindt product packaged like this so I’m not sure if it has a whole load of brother and sister products which are out there somewhere waiting to be found.

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Cadbury Boost

Boost bars are huge. I mean, not just ‘oh, this Kit Kat is pretty chunky’ but genuinely bloody massive. When you pick one up, they’re not actually that big in the hand, but you can just feel how dense they are from the weight. Cadbury’s Boost bar is very regularly sized (roughly equivalent to a Starbar in shape and size) but weighs in at 60.5g- significantly more than nearly any other chocolate out there- even your Kit Kat Chunkies and Yorkie bars, which make a big deal out of being supposedly huge, lag behind the Boost.


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