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Penn State Smoky BBQ, Sea Salted, and Sour Cream + Chive Pretzels

049I’ve been sat on these pretzels for a while. Not literally of course. I was kindly sent them by some PR people a long, long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away) and then didn’t review them for ages. Why? Well, as I’ve spoken about before, I don’t have a single place where I keep all of my snacks to review…meaning, occasionally, things can get ‘misplaced’. Then I found them, and thought I’d launch a new format- The Snack Review’s Savoury Saturday!  Yep, these pretzels from Penn State were once lost, but now they’re found. And going in my belly.

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Cadbury’s Double Decker

001I’m always seeing Double Deckers (not the busses… well ok…I see plenty of them too) but it is a bar which has never, ever captured my imagination. In fact, I didn’t even know what a Cadbury’s Double Decker was until I bought this one to review. And given that I write about chocolate 3 or 4 times  a week and know a fair amount about chocolate bars as a result (AKA I have no life) that is saying something. The Double Decker has just never floated my boat.

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Elizabeth Shaw Orange Crisps

017I always look forward to trying new companies’ products. When you eat as much chocolate as I do, it can get a bit ‘samey’ from time to time as you try an ordinary flavour combination from an ordinary company. A product from a company you haven’t encountered before brings a little bit of excitement to proceedings though…because they might just shake things up and offer you something special or radically different. So whilst shopping in Waitrose just before Christmas, I took the plunge and bought some of Elizabeth Shaw’s Orange Crisp dark chocolates.

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Novipiu White Chocolate and Sicilian Citrus Peel:

Every other blogger out there seems to be writing about food from Halloween/Autumn/Christmas ranges. Well, I’m a bit different (my parents and friends always did say that I’m ‘special’!) and instead I’m going to review a bar which was bought in sunny Malta in July on a summer holiday. This bar of chocolate must have been knocking around for a while, but I found it yesterday and thought it was about time it got its time to shine.