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Novipiu Milk and White Chocolate Cereal


I have previously reviewed the Novipiu White Chocolate and Sicilian Citrus Peel bar which I brought back from a holiday in Malta last summer. Well I remembered bringing back two bars of Novipiu’s, and after much frantic searching through all of my worldly possessions, I found their Milk and White Chocolate with Cereal bar still in the front pocket of my suitcase. Miraculously it was in perfect condition too- I had expected it to resemble a punch bag. Thankfully not.

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Caley’s Milk Chocolate


Caley’s is name of a big (ish) chocolate company which has its roots in my home city, Norwich. Although bought out now by a larger parent company (isn’t everything these days- eventually we’re going to end up with Kraft, Coca Cola and McDonalds owning everything…including the Office of Fair Trading) the city of Norwich is still very proud of Caley’s as a brand, and whilst production has now moved away from the city there remains a Caley’s Café. I thought it was about time I tried my ‘home’ chocolate.

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