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Nestle Vice Versas

First it was the Wispa. And then the Wispa Gold. Now Nestle have followed Cadbury’s example and (after an internet campaign from hardcore fans) decided to bring back a previously discontinued sweet from the past- the Vice Versas. Only this time, I don’t even remember them from their first time round…either a sign that they weren’t very good, or that I’m too young for them. Either way, I finally got round to buying a bag of them so thought I’d take a look. Nestle are a bit of a mixed bag- I quite like Rolos, Munchies and Kit Kats but they have also produced some absolute horror chocolates (e.g. all Black Magic boxes of chocolates should be blown up and the debris fired into space so that nobody has to eat them.)


Posted by on September 7, 2012 in 5.4, Chocolate, Nestle, White Chocolate