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Ritter Sport Yogurt

001Well, it sure feels like I haven’t written a review for a while. Oh right yeah, that’s because I haven’t! It has been nearly a whole month which is frankly disgraceful. And what a crazy month it has been- famous people dying, terrorism on U.S soil and…urgh…JLS splitting up? I’ve probably missed a whole load of other stuff too- I’ve been revising really quite intensely for my university final exams which are very soon.  Hence the lack of reviews recently. In fact I wasn’t planning on writing any during my exam period, but this review is essentially a form of procrastination! So what am I reviewing exactly? Well it’s Ritter Sport’s Yogurt bar of course.

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Ritter Sport Strawberry Yoghurt

Ritter are a German chocolate company who have finally broken through in the UK a little recently. Having seen virtually nothing of theirs on sale here previous to about 2011, I’ve seen Ritter chocolate increasingly popping up- albeit only a few of the bars from their huge range which comprises of nearly 30 different flavours (including pear brandy mousse, cappuccino cream and butter caramel cream!)