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Lucky’s Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins

038I loved the Lucky’s Tweedle Twins that I tried before. In fact one of the flavours I reviewed remains the highest EVER rated snack on this site…it was that good. So when I saw that Lucky’s had released a new variety of Tweedle Twin flavour, I had to buy it- not solely to review, but mainly because I thought it would taste fecking brilliant. No pressure then Lucky’s!

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Cadbury P.S

012I like reviewing rarer chocolate. It feels a bit more special to eat- and today’s review DEFINITELY counts as rare. Cadbury’s P.S bar comes all the way from sunny South Africa, adding another exotic country to the places I’ve reviewed products from before. What is it? Well before I ate it, I couldn’t have told you! I didn’t even know it existed until I was given it as a gift.

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Zotter White Chocolate Walnut Brittle

001I bought this quite a while ago as I was eager to try Zotter’s white chocolate. Many of the classier and more high-brow companies don’t offer white chocolate at all and it’s often sneered at in artisan chocolate circles for not actually technically being chocolate as it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids. But Zotter produce this White Chocolate Walnut Brittle, which is good for two reasons; 1) I can try their attempts at a white chocolate and 2) nut brittle is a bit of a personal favourite of mine.

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Novipiu Milk and White Chocolate Cereal


I have previously reviewed the Novipiu White Chocolate and Sicilian Citrus Peel bar which I brought back from a holiday in Malta last summer. Well I remembered bringing back two bars of Novipiu’s, and after much frantic searching through all of my worldly possessions, I found their Milk and White Chocolate with Cereal bar still in the front pocket of my suitcase. Miraculously it was in perfect condition too- I had expected it to resemble a punch bag. Thankfully not.

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Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cups

I never know quite what to think about Reese’s peanut butter stuff. Sometimes it is really enjoyable, but it can be unpleasantly greasy and overly sweet too. There isn’t much consistency from Hershey across the Reese’s product range, meaning that every bar A)has the potential to be great and B) has the potential to be god awful. Which is exciting in a way! Today, I’ve got the white chocolate version of their famous peanut butter cups.

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Frey Chocobloc White:

You’re probably starting to know the drill now regarding Frey’s Chocobloc range. It is a series of flavoured bars similar to the Toblerone, and after the Dark, Milk and Orange varieties, I’ve got their white chocolate version to review today on day 4 of Frey Week. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of Frey Week by the way…I guess time flies when you’re eating chocolate.

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Nestle Caramac

We’re all products of the environment that we’re raised in. This means passing on traditions, beliefs and opinions, but also passing on interests and passions. The Nestle Caramac is a bar that my Dad has always had a bit of a taste for. He has never been one to chow down on a Mars bar or a Snickers; but he has a penchant for the Caramac. I’m also (on an unrelated note) fairly certain that the Caramac isn’t a bar which is well known outside of the UK so this might be new and interesting for some non-Brit readers especially.

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