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Necco Skybar


I like it when something really different and interesting comes along. So I was delighted when I was looking on the shelves of CyberCandy to find what I can only describe as one seriously weird bar of chocolate. The Necco Skybar. I’m guessing that most readers won’t have heard of it before- I certainly hadn’t before I found it. It’s essentially 1 bar of chocolate with four pieces. No so unusual I hear you shout? But each piece here is a different flavour. So it’s a single bar, with four different flavours to it. Odd.

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Lindt Velvety Vanilla Almond

I get the feeling that I’m being a bit slow on these Lindt bars. They were released quite a while ago (in the summer) and some review sites seemed to do them all in the space of a week. I’ve spread them out though, and having done the Sumptuous Orange and Luscious Caramel 4-6 weeks ago, I’m onto the penultimate bar from Lindt’s new Creations range today: The Velvety Vanilla Almond.
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Marks and Spencer’s White Chocolate Crème Brulee

For any non British readers, you might not have a clue who Marks and Spencer are. In the UK, they’re so well established as an upmarket department store that they’re almost a British institution I guess. Whilst they mostly sell clothes, M&S are renowned for selling some top quality food as well- not just the odd thing here or there either; rather a fully developed food range like any of the major supermarkets here. However their emphasis is on producing higher quality stuff than the likes of Tesco or Sainsbury. So I was looking forward to try this White Chocolate Crème Brulee bar, which is a new addition to their small but growing chocolate range. It arrived courtesy of my Dad who thought it looked interesting so got it for me to review- cheers big man!

Thorntons- Banana and Custard Chocolate

Last week, I reviewed Thorntons’ Jam Roly Poly Truffles which come from their summer range, ‘The Best of British’. Following on from that, I have another of their summer chocolates to look at today, this time a proper bar of chocolate.  Described as ‘white chocolate with sweetened banana chips, vanilla seeds and custard flavour’ I was hoping for something a bit better than the Jam Roly Poly Truffles.