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Montezuma’s Treacle Tart Chocolate

001Sometimes I lose things. Sometimes I forget things. Today, I’m reviewing a bar which was a victim of both of those events! I bought Montezuma’s Treacle Tart bar back in about July at the height of British summer and Olympic fever. I then contrived to lose the fecker for more than 6 months, before it randomly reappeared as if by magic underneath a mountain of university work and books.

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Booja Booja Banoffee Toffee Chocolate Truffles


There is always something a little exciting about trying a brand new chocolate company, and even more so when they’re local to you. Booja Booja are based in Norfolk, England (my home county) and dabble in chocolate and ice cream making. And whilst in a farm shop last week in Hethersett, I finally found some of their delicious sounding banoffee truffles and thought they would be great to review.

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Green and Black’s Butterscotch

Well I’ve heard really good things in the past about Green and Black’s Butterscotch bar, so I thought that it was about time I went ahead and bought it. A few bloggers as well as a few friends have all said that it’s decent and worth a go…so I’m going to take a look at it today. From memory it was part of a 2 for £3 deal making the bar £1.50 in cost. At full price however, it tends to be around £2-2.50 a bar putting Green and Black’s chocolate in competition with the likes of Lindt, Montezuma’s and Divine.
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Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins

After reviewing the Dreamy Lemon flavour from Lucky’s new Tweedle Twins range last week, I’ve got a different flavour from the same Tweedle Twins range- in the form of the ‘Toffee Groove’. The concept is identical- a ‘cake in a jar’, but the flavours here have moved away from the light and very ‘summery’ lemon and white chocolate combination. Instead, fittingly as the temperatures drop and the nights begin to draw it, the Toffee Groove is more of a heavy and warming product.


Heavenly Cakes Banoffee

With the London Olympics starting next Friday, we’re currently getting bombarded in the UK with a range of Olympic themed products. However, to be frank, most of them are pretty terrible- effectively the same old food/drink but with a different sticker on the front. However Heavenly Cakes- a favoured company of mine- have announced not 1 but 6 brand new special edition cakes with an Olympic concept behind them. Each and every special cake of course has a clever link to a country which will be represented at the London Olympics.


Cadbury Choc’ Full Of Popcorn

I don’t know what it is about living out ‘in the sticks’, but new products seem to take aaaages to arrive here. This new popcorn product from Cadbury had seemingly arrived on shelves all over the country apart from Norwich. However at long last I found a bag in Tesco last week, on introductory offer for £1.


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