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Penn State Smoky BBQ, Sea Salted, and Sour Cream + Chive Pretzels

049I’ve been sat on these pretzels for a while. Not literally of course. I was kindly sent them by some PR people a long, long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away) and then didn’t review them for ages. Why? Well, as I’ve spoken about before, I don’t have a single place where I keep all of my snacks to review…meaning, occasionally, things can get ‘misplaced’. Then I found them, and thought I’d launch a new format- The Snack Review’s Savoury Saturday!  Yep, these pretzels from Penn State were once lost, but now they’re found. And going in my belly.

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Golden Wonder HP Sauce and Heinz Ketchup Crisps

001I’ve been sat on these for a while. Not literally. But I was sent them by a PR team but have been more than a bit snowed under (once again, figuratively speaking) with university deadlines. However I’ve finally got round to eating them, which is good news because Golden Wonders’ limited edition HP sauce crisps, and their Heinz Tomato Ketchup option both ‘float my boat’ in theory. I laaaaav condiments in general, and aside from my beloved Henderson’s Relish, these two varieties come a close second as personal favourites.

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Popchips’ Barbecue, and Salt and Vinegar

001I frequently get emails from readers who ask why ALL I eat is chocolate. It’s a reasonable question- I do eat a serious amount of it. But I actually prefer savoury foods in general, and in particular I’m a big fan of crisps. (Or ‘chips’ as Americans and Australians insist on calling them!) I first found Popchips on sale at Liverpool Street station in London, and have bought them whenever I’ve seen them ever since. So when Popchips offered to send me their flavours to review…I jumped at the opportunity. Today I’m looking at their Barbecue flavour as well as their Salt and Vinegar.

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Hershey’s Payday:

Everybody loves payday. You get your hard earned money to go and spend on whatever you choose. But the question from today’s review is does everybody love a Payday bar? Hershey’s unusually named product is a U.S import, and it set me back about £1.20 I think. Twice what you’d pay for a British bar admittedly but- when you remember that this has travelled well over 3,000 miles from the States over the Atlantic Ocean to England- not exactly terrible value for money either I suppose.

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Hershey’s Take 5

I haven’t reviewed a U.S import bar for quite some time, so I swung by at CyberCandy last time I was in London to pick up something exciting. On top of a few gifts for others (my little brother is hooked on energy drinks at the moment and loves their section of ‘heart attack in a can’ caffeine drinks!) I found myself being up sold to. Now, that’s pretty rare. Because I’ve worked in sales before, I’m normally very alert to being sold stuff that I didn’t intend to buy originally. However after a brief interchange with the two ladies in the Covent Garden based shop and I was leaving with a new chocolate bar. Namely Hershey’s Take 5 bar.


Zotter Bacon Bits

Today I’ve got my first ever review of a Zotter product. Now, for those readers who haven’t heard of them, Zotter are…well bonkers. They’re a company famed for some seriously bizarre flavour combinations, which have included cheese, carrots, green tea, hemp seeds and potato vodka. See what I mean? Zotter are basically mad. And to prove that madness further, I got my hands on one of their Bacon Bits bar. As you might guess from the name, the Bacon Bits bar has…well, bits of bacon in it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Milka M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes

I can’t quite believe that this is my first Milka review that I’m writing. The company, owned by Kraft, have been around for more than 40 years in Europe and has managed to gain a foothold in the UK market over the past 2-3 years and become a supermarket shelf regular. Instead of one of their usual 100g bars from a supermarket though, I’ve got something a little different of theirs to review- the M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes. I found this hidden away in a weird Eastern European specialist store in Norwich and snapped it up straight away, although I did think at the time it was a bit of a weird flavour combination…I mean, Peanuts and cornflakes? Righhhhhht Milka, good one lads.


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