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Macarons & More by Tim Kinnaird

001As many readers on this blog are likely to be ‘foodies’ in general, I guess most of you will have heard of the Masterchef TV series by now. It was first broadcast more than three decades ago in Britain, went off air again for a while before being revived in about 2004 or 2005. It’s effectively a cooking version of the X Factor I guess you could say. Open to everybody (which is part of the attraction of reality TV of course) amateurs can come and have a crack at preparing food for seriously intimidating people; first the regular judges and then (as the competition progresses) some of the most acclaimed chefs and food critics around. When I bought a gift box of Macarons from former contestant Tim Kinnaird’s shop in Norwich, England, I don’t think he was quite as intimidated by me as he probably was by somebody like Alain Ducasse!

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Lily O’Brien’s Salted Caramel Chocolates

029Well I said on Monday how much I like trying brand new companies. They’re not always great (Elizabeth Shaw’s stuff at the start of the week was pretty disappointing) but there is the chance that it could be great, which is enough to energise me. Maybe that’s because I’m an optimist…but the way I see it, every new company you try could well be brilliant. And that is what I’m hoping for from Lily O’Brien’s and their Salted Caramel Chocolates.

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Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins

After reviewing the Dreamy Lemon flavour from Lucky’s new Tweedle Twins range last week, I’ve got a different flavour from the same Tweedle Twins range- in the form of the ‘Toffee Groove’. The concept is identical- a ‘cake in a jar’, but the flavours here have moved away from the light and very ‘summery’ lemon and white chocolate combination. Instead, fittingly as the temperatures drop and the nights begin to draw it, the Toffee Groove is more of a heavy and warming product.


Chocolat Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate

This product was brought back to me as a gift from a chocolate/sweet shop in Cambridge called Chocolat Chocolat. I’m not actually a regular visiter to the city, but luckily enough i’ve got a relative who obviously loves me enough to consistently bring me back gifts from the shop! I haven’t actually got round to reviewing something of theirs until today but i’ve tried some of their produce in the past and always been impressed.


The Grown Up Chocolate Company Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker

What better place to start for a food review blog than of a product which has pretty much all of my favourite things! Chocolate, peanuts AND salted caramel.