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Hershey’s Take 5

I haven’t reviewed a U.S import bar for quite some time, so I swung by at CyberCandy last time I was in London to pick up something exciting. On top of a few gifts for others (my little brother is hooked on energy drinks at the moment and loves their section of ‘heart attack in a can’ caffeine drinks!) I found myself being up sold to. Now, that’s pretty rare. Because I’ve worked in sales before, I’m normally very alert to being sold stuff that I didn’t intend to buy originally. However after a brief interchange with the two ladies in the Covent Garden based shop and I was leaving with a new chocolate bar. Namely Hershey’s Take 5 bar.


Cadbury Choc’ Full Of Pretzel

I’m constantly moaning that Cadbury’s UK don’t create enough new products and don’t seem to try and ‘wow’ British consumers often enough. So I’m happy to give them the credit where it is due today, as I review their new and totally original ‘Choc’ Full Of Pretzel’. The company has a tendency to ‘recycle’ products at times- it has been the case in the past that an old (failed) bar reappears in a slightly different guise within a few months. They haven’t done that here though- the Choc’ Full Of Pretzel is like nothing I’ve seen from Cadbury UK before.


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Cadbury Pretzel and Peanut Butter

I was elated to get my hands on this bar from Cadbury. To be honest, I had never even known it existed until I saw it glistening in the sun light on Cyber Candy’s shelves in their Covent Garden store. My desperation to make sure I bought it (there weren’t many left on the shelves and the shop was busy) made me do some pretty immoral and borderline illegal things…so if you’re the elderly Chinese lady I elbowed in the face, or the small child that I pushed over, I’m sorry. But I don’t take chances.


M&M’s Pretzel

I love M&M’s. I think that’s because, when I was growing up, I hated Skittles with a passion and therefore needed to find a luridly coloured sweet to fill that void. Peanut M&M’s obviously passed the ‘E number test’ and therefore became a crucial component of my ‘athlete’s diet’ which provided the energy to run amok around the family house between the ages of 7 and 13, and make my parents’ life an abject misery . Sorry Mum. Sorry Dad. If it makes you feel any better, ming vases are overrated anyway.


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