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Macarons & More by Tim Kinnaird

001As many readers on this blog are likely to be ‘foodies’ in general, I guess most of you will have heard of the Masterchef TV series by now. It was first broadcast more than three decades ago in Britain, went off air again for a while before being revived in about 2004 or 2005. It’s effectively a cooking version of the X Factor I guess you could say. Open to everybody (which is part of the attraction of reality TV of course) amateurs can come and have a crack at preparing food for seriously intimidating people; first the regular judges and then (as the competition progresses) some of the most acclaimed chefs and food critics around. When I bought a gift box of Macarons from former contestant Tim Kinnaird’s shop in Norwich, England, I don’t think he was quite as intimidated by me as he probably was by somebody like Alain Ducasse!

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Reese’s Fast Break

026I haven’t reviewed a Reese’s product for a while so thought it was about time I did. I like the Reese’s brand- it is quite far removed from what we have available in the UK which gives it a little bit of a novelty value. How is it different to our chocolate? Well, obviously all of the peanut butter for a start. Whereas we English are occasionally thrown a limited edition bar with a bit of P.B, Americans get an entire brand dedicated to the stuff. This makes me envious.

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Nestle Butterfinger

001The Butterfinger bar- a product which I think is synonymous with American society and culture. I’ve seen so many T.V shows, films and posters about the Butterfinger, and it just seems to come hand in hand with the U.S.A. Whether Americans actually do love the Butterfinger as the media would suggest…I don’t know…perhaps some American readers could comment on its REAL popularity in the States. But having seen so many (admittedly fictional characters) people enjoying Butterfinger bars, I thought it was time I should try one.

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Mars’ Snickers Peanut Butter

035Peanut butter is awesome stuff. I eat it on its own, with sweet stuff, with savoury stuff and with both hot and cold dishes. The amount of dishes that peanut butter wouldn’t improve can probably be counted on a single hand in my opinion. Therefore I was pretty eager to get into the final review of Snickers Week- Mars U.S’s Snickers Peanut Butter.

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Necco Skybar


I like it when something really different and interesting comes along. So I was delighted when I was looking on the shelves of CyberCandy to find what I can only describe as one seriously weird bar of chocolate. The Necco Skybar. I’m guessing that most readers won’t have heard of it before- I certainly hadn’t before I found it. It’s essentially 1 bar of chocolate with four pieces. No so unusual I hear you shout? But each piece here is a different flavour. So it’s a single bar, with four different flavours to it. Odd.

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Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cups

I never know quite what to think about Reese’s peanut butter stuff. Sometimes it is really enjoyable, but it can be unpleasantly greasy and overly sweet too. There isn’t much consistency from Hershey across the Reese’s product range, meaning that every bar A)has the potential to be great and B) has the potential to be god awful. Which is exciting in a way! Today, I’ve got the white chocolate version of their famous peanut butter cups.

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Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich

I bought today’s review from CyberCandy, although I can’t remember how much it cost me exactly- the Covent Garden shop was overflowing with tourists so I just had to grab and run. (Well, and pay obviously.) There were actually a couple of American tourists in there (obviously tourists from the ill-fitting fanny packs around their waists!) which was a bit weird… unless they were on a long holiday and just fancied ‘a taste of home’, it seems a little strange to visit a shop which imports stuff you see every day at home. If an Eskimo went on holiday, he wouldn’t buy snow would he?