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Macarons & More by Tim Kinnaird

001As many readers on this blog are likely to be ‘foodies’ in general, I guess most of you will have heard of the Masterchef TV series by now. It was first broadcast more than three decades ago in Britain, went off air again for a while before being revived in about 2004 or 2005. It’s effectively a cooking version of the X Factor I guess you could say. Open to everybody (which is part of the attraction of reality TV of course) amateurs can come and have a crack at preparing food for seriously intimidating people; first the regular judges and then (as the competition progresses) some of the most acclaimed chefs and food critics around. When I bought a gift box of Macarons from former contestant Tim Kinnaird’s shop in Norwich, England, I don’t think he was quite as intimidated by me as he probably was by somebody like Alain Ducasse!

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Frey Dark Orange

030Nothing says Christmas quite like chocolate orange. So why the hell I’m eating and reviewing Frey’s Dark Orange bar in February I’m not quite sure. Well my parents did always insist that I was very ‘special’ and a lot of my school teachers said the same…so I guess that would probably explain it! I’m nearly at the end of my (initially vast!) Frey stocks now with just a couple of bars remaining, and today I’m looking at their take on the classic chocolate and orange flavour combination.

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Elizabeth Shaw Orange Crisps

017I always look forward to trying new companies’ products. When you eat as much chocolate as I do, it can get a bit ‘samey’ from time to time as you try an ordinary flavour combination from an ordinary company. A product from a company you haven’t encountered before brings a little bit of excitement to proceedings though…because they might just shake things up and offer you something special or radically different. So whilst shopping in Waitrose just before Christmas, I took the plunge and bought some of Elizabeth Shaw’s Orange Crisp dark chocolates.

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Frey Chocobloc Orange

I said last week that this week would be ‘Frey Week’, and here we are! A week of daily Frey reviews, including a variety of flavours, textures and sizes. First up, we’ve got the Chocobloc Orange; a sister product of the Chocobloc Dark reviewed on here last week.  It’s exactly the same concept, but made with milk chocolate and orange instead of plain old dark chocolate.

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Novipiu White Chocolate and Sicilian Citrus Peel:

Every other blogger out there seems to be writing about food from Halloween/Autumn/Christmas ranges. Well, I’m a bit different (my parents and friends always did say that I’m ‘special’!) and instead I’m going to review a bar which was bought in sunny Malta in July on a summer holiday. This bar of chocolate must have been knocking around for a while, but I found it yesterday and thought it was about time it got its time to shine.

Lindt Sumptuous Orange

Having already taken a look at one bar in Lindt’s new Creation range, the Luscious Caramel bar, today I’m moving on to another- the Sumptuous Orange. It’s the only component in their new line-up which features dark chocolate as the base flavour so it is a little different to the other three flavours in the new range, all of which are sweet, sweet, sweet. I had a bit of a bad feeling about this though- chocolate and orange are a combination rarely done very well from my experiences. Normally the orange flavour is either so horrendously artificial that it’s barely edible, or at the other end of the spectrum and akin to spooning fruit sugar into your mouth.
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Graze Box Review

I’ve mostly focussed on chocolate on this blog so far, and that’s probably the way it will stay in the future. That’s quite simply because I write and review about what I snack on, and I tend to snack on chocolate rather than crisps/cereal bars/nuts etc. However I’ve got an open mind, and when the opportunity to try the ‘Graze’ experience came up, I leapt at the chance.

Graze is the name of a company based in the UK which delivers letterbox sized parcels containing four healthy and nutritious snack pots to your home. I think the idea behind the company is that people tend to snack ignorantly and aimlessly with negative effects on their health. Whereas each, well portioned, snack pod here comes with an exact calorie/fat/fibre content. So you can keep an effective track on what and how much you’re snacking on.