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Cadbury’s Double Decker

001I’m always seeing Double Deckers (not the busses… well ok…I see plenty of them too) but it is a bar which has never, ever captured my imagination. In fact, I didn’t even know what a Cadbury’s Double Decker was until I bought this one to review. And given that I write about chocolate 3 or 4 times  a week and know a fair amount about chocolate bars as a result (AKA I have no life) that is saying something. The Double Decker has just never floated my boat.

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Reese’s Fast Break

026I haven’t reviewed a Reese’s product for a while so thought it was about time I did. I like the Reese’s brand- it is quite far removed from what we have available in the UK which gives it a little bit of a novelty value. How is it different to our chocolate? Well, obviously all of the peanut butter for a start. Whereas we English are occasionally thrown a limited edition bar with a bit of P.B, Americans get an entire brand dedicated to the stuff. This makes me envious.

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Frey Chocobloc Air

045I’ve done plenty of reviews of new companies recently on here, including my first forays into reviewing crisps, but today it’s back to a tried and trusted company of mine- Frey. The Swiss chocolate makers have churned out a succession of great bars of chocolate, some of which I’ve rated incredibly highly. This is my penultimate review of the chocolates they sent me last year, and it’s from their Chocobloc range- the Chocobloc Air.

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Mars’ Snickers Peanut Butter

035Peanut butter is awesome stuff. I eat it on its own, with sweet stuff, with savoury stuff and with both hot and cold dishes. The amount of dishes that peanut butter wouldn’t improve can probably be counted on a single hand in my opinion. Therefore I was pretty eager to get into the final review of Snickers Week- Mars U.S’s Snickers Peanut Butter.

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Mars’ Snickers Dark

001After yesterday’s rather poor limited edition bar from Mars which turned out to be the near enough identical twin of the regular Snickers, I’m delighted to actually have something a bit more different today on day three of Snickers Week. The Snickers Dark. I’ve never tried Mars’ dark chocolate before I don’t think, as their Mars Dark (or Midnight Mars or whatever it is called) has never appealed to me much. Hopefully the product will be more exciting than the More Nuts bar anyway.

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Mars’ Snickers More Nuts

014Day two of Snickers Week brings us a super duper, highly thoughtful and borderline revolutionary new Snickers bar from Mars UK. Ok, I might have gone a little over the top. Or a LOT over the top. Because the Snickers More Nuts is a regular Snickers bar…with a few more nuts. Awe-inspiringly original stuff from Mars’ product development department, but something I was interested in trying none the less as a limited edition product.

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Mars’ Snickers

001I’ve had a few ‘themed’ weeks recently. First there was Frey Week, then Australia Week…so when I saw that Mars UK were releasing two limited edition Snickers bars, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a Snickers Week. So every day this week, I’l review a Snickers product, starting today with the classic Snickers bar, and taking in a couple of rarer, foreign Snickers along the way. But as mentioned, today we start with the ordinary and most common regular Snickers.

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