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Montezuma’s Eton Mess:

The end of the Olympics has meant a bit of a hole has formed in my day to day life. Instead of being able to watch women boxing at 1PM in the afternoon or the Saudi Arabian archery team as soon as I got up… I’ve found only Cash in the Attic and Doctors on TV during the day. This made me sad- very sad indeed. So I went to a shop and bought a British themed product to try and get myself back in the spirit of the Olympics even though they’re over. Kind of like a heroin addict taking methadone- it obviously isn’t going to do the job, but it might make reality a little less brutal!


Heavenly Cakes Eton Mess

And here we are at the end of a very cake filled week- and the ONLY way to end the Heavenly Cakes’ Cake Olympics is with our very own entrant- the UK being represented by the Eton Mess cake. Eton Mess is a popular British dessert of meringue, cream and strawberries…well, messed up and served together. I love it during the summer- it’s a really light option. Whilst the UK has a reputation for serving heavy, fried dishes all year round, Eton Mess bucks that trend- it’s perfect in the summer as we can use our freshly grown strawberries to create a light and more ‘delicate’ dessert.


Saffire Choc Pops

I’ve recently found a small-ish local chocolate company here in Norwich. I really should have found it earlier; Norwich isn’t exactly bursting with things to do/see so I’m surprised it has taken me this long to discover Saffire Chocolates.

Making the time to swing by their shop on the outskirts of the city, I was seriously impressed by what I saw. The variety in store was fantastic- it was a problem trying to pick just 2 or 3 things to leave with. When there are so many cool things under one roof, I always think that it’s the foodie equivalent to when sports coaches complain about having too many good players in their squad. It’s a welcome headache though; I’d always want too many good things, rather than not enough!

Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue

Today I’m bringing you yet more variety from Heavenly Cakes- in the form of their Very Berry Meringue. It’s made up of a shortbread bottom covered with mixed berry jam, and then topped with a thick layer of white chocolate and meringue pieces.