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Cadbury Golden Crisp

016Ireland is well known for a lot of things. Guinness (The Irish consume more beer per head than any other country in the world); leprechauns; passion; sport; fighting and a lot more. Those are ordinarily what people think of when they think or Ireland right? Well every country and culture has hidden gems as well, and that is what I’m hoping the review today will turn out to be- it’s Cadbury Ireland’s Golden Crisp bar. Without even a drop of Guinness.

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Elizabeth Shaw Orange Crisps

017I always look forward to trying new companies’ products. When you eat as much chocolate as I do, it can get a bit ‘samey’ from time to time as you try an ordinary flavour combination from an ordinary company. A product from a company you haven’t encountered before brings a little bit of excitement to proceedings though…because they might just shake things up and offer you something special or radically different. So whilst shopping in Waitrose just before Christmas, I took the plunge and bought some of Elizabeth Shaw’s Orange Crisp dark chocolates.

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Nestle Violet Crumble


I haven’t done a review for a little bit- Christmas got in the way. But I’l try and make up for that by doing daily reviews this week…in the form of Australia Week! I have an Australian reader, Aimée, who has recently moved from her homeland over here to the UK. She very generously and thoughtfully brought over some of Australia’s chocolate for me to try, and that is what I’l take a look at every day this week. Starting today, with Nestle’s Violet Crumble bar.

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Nestle Yorkie Honeycomb

012The Yorkie brand will surely go down as the most sexist in chocolate history. The slogan “not for girls” remains a complete mystery to me in a business sense too. You see, companies want to try and sell their products to as many people as they possibly can. Makes sense right? Well Nestle were obviously thinking outside of the box, and decided that the Yorkie brand was a great idea… when to me, immediately pissing off 50% of your potential custom seems at best strange and at worst seriously idiotic. Maybe they’ve realised this… because this limited edition Yorkie Honeycomb I bought didn’t have the famous Yorkie slogan on it anywhere.

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Cadbury’s Crunchie

More often than not to date, I’ve focussed on the weird/wonderful/crazy/unusual/foreign on this site. But I’m aware that (for a comprehensive reviewing site) I should review some good old British classics as well. So today, I’m taking a gander at Cadbury’s Crunchie part- something which is pretty legendary in England and one of the few English bars which makes it overseas as well; I’ve got relatives in the U.S, Australia and Europe who have heard of/tried the Crunchie. Well, the Australians also have their own equivalent of the Cadbury’s Crunchie, in the form of the ‘Violet Crumble’.

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Chokablok Assorted Box

Chokablok are a pretty new company as far as I’m aware, and their wide variety of chocolates and ice creams are available for purchase exclusively at Tesco at the moment. Seeing this box of 12 chocolates on introductory offer at £2.99, I swooped. The box itself is an assortment of four different flavoured chocolates: 1) Gold Digger Dynamite, 2) The Rocky Road Of Love, 3) Cookie Crumb Mon-Star and 4) The Chocolate Extremist.


Butlers Honeycomb Crisp

As far as I’m aware, Butlers are an Irish chocolate company based in Dublin. They seem to have their chocolates stocked in a couple of the supermarket chains but I haven’t seen it in many other places in England…making it all the more bizarre when I stumbled across this Honeycomb Crisp bar in a garden centre shop in rural Norfolk!

I shouldn’t really be surprised though- having visited quite a few of the rural garden centres out in Norfolk and Suffolk, I’ve realised that they only seem to deal in strange, unorthodox and occasionally extraordinary chocolate.
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