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The Fudge House Experience

032It’s new company time today! This time in the shape of The Fudge House. They are a family run business which have their base in Edinburgh, Scotland and they make…well, as you might have guessed, they make fudge. And not just one flavour like some companies. In fact they make a couple of dozen different flavours which is what attracted me to them in the first place when I originally found them on twitter.

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Necco Skybar


I like it when something really different and interesting comes along. So I was delighted when I was looking on the shelves of CyberCandy to find what I can only describe as one seriously weird bar of chocolate. The Necco Skybar. I’m guessing that most readers won’t have heard of it before- I certainly hadn’t before I found it. It’s essentially 1 bar of chocolate with four pieces. No so unusual I hear you shout? But each piece here is a different flavour. So it’s a single bar, with four different flavours to it. Odd.

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Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Fudge

Moving on from Thorntons’ new and limited edition summer range reviewed recently, today I’ve got something a bit more traditional- Thorntons are semi-legendary for their toffee and fudge and it seems to have been around for as long as time itself. Their toffee is also very popular amongst dentists…for keeping them in jobs. It isn’t their toffee I’m reviewing now though, but their fudge- in the form of their fudge milk chocolate bar.


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The Grown Up Chocolate Company Tasting Box:

Among the very first reviews I wrote on this site were The Grown Up Chocolate Company’s Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker and Crunchy PralineWonder Bar. I loved them both and they’re both among the highest scoring bars on here- they were packed with flavour, very fresh and a joy to eat. So it was with real excitement that I learnt that The Grown Up Chocolate Company also ran a chocolate tasting club, similar to that of Hotel Chocolat.