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Lindt Cookie Crunch

001I don’t often buy Lindt as a spur of the moment thing. They make decent enough chocolate, but it doesn’t particularly excite or inspire me…they are ‘safe’ and you normally know what you’re getting from them. But I was knocking around in WHSmith when I saw a Lindt produced bar titled the Cookie Crunch. Ever heard of it? Because I hadn’t.

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Posted by on February 4, 2013 in 7.4, Chocolate, Cookie, Lindt


Nabisco Nutter Butter Cookies

Occasionally I get asked why this site is called The Snack Review when I pretty much review just chocolate bars in their various shapes, colours and sizes. The answer to that question is that I review whatever I happen to be snacking on, which tends to be chocolate more often than other stuff. Believe it or not though, my day to day diet does consist of more than solely chocolate…and as if to prove it, I’ve got today’s review- Nabisco’s Nutter Butter Cookies.

Chokablok Assorted Box

Chokablok are a pretty new company as far as I’m aware, and their wide variety of chocolates and ice creams are available for purchase exclusively at Tesco at the moment. Seeing this box of 12 chocolates on introductory offer at £2.99, I swooped. The box itself is an assortment of four different flavoured chocolates: 1) Gold Digger Dynamite, 2) The Rocky Road Of Love, 3) Cookie Crumb Mon-Star and 4) The Chocolate Extremist.