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Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins

After reviewing the Dreamy Lemon flavour from Lucky’s new Tweedle Twins range last week, I’ve got a different flavour from the same Tweedle Twins range- in the form of the ‘Toffee Groove’. The concept is identical- a ‘cake in a jar’, but the flavours here have moved away from the light and very ‘summery’ lemon and white chocolate combination. Instead, fittingly as the temperatures drop and the nights begin to draw it, the Toffee Groove is more of a heavy and warming product.


Chokablok Assorted Box

Chokablok are a pretty new company as far as I’m aware, and their wide variety of chocolates and ice creams are available for purchase exclusively at Tesco at the moment. Seeing this box of 12 chocolates on introductory offer at £2.99, I swooped. The box itself is an assortment of four different flavoured chocolates: 1) Gold Digger Dynamite, 2) The Rocky Road Of Love, 3) Cookie Crumb Mon-Star and 4) The Chocolate Extremist.


Heavenly Cakes Lumpy Bumpy Brownie


Concluding this week’s five Heavenly Cakes’ reviews, we have their ‘Lumpy Bump Brownie’. I’ve eaten a lot of cake this week (it’s a tough life right?!) but after testing their delightful brownie earlier in the week- when trying their ‘Billionaire’s Brownie’- making room for another slice was not a problem at all!


Heavenly Cakes Billionaire’s Brownie

Continuing on with the daily reviews on Heavenly Cakes’ produce, we have their ‘award winning’ Billionaire’s Brownie.