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Mars 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp

001I found the 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp in an import shop in Meadowhall, Sheffield. I hadn’t seen one before although I was vaguely aware of them, and as the packaging was quite attractive I picked it up and bought it without really stopping to look at it much. Which I then briefly regretted when I got home and had a proper gander at it.

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Arnott’s Tim Tam Fingers


Tim Tams are pretty legendary within Australia I think. Or certainly as an outsider anyway, I associate them as synonymous with Australian culture. You say Australia, and I’l say cricket, beaches, the outback, beer, barbeques…and Tim Tams. I’d never actually had the opportunity to try them though, so to say I was delighted when I opened up Aimee’s package for me and a packet of this fell out would be an understatement. Surely something so successful must be good right?

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Nabisco Nutter Butter Cookies

Occasionally I get asked why this site is called The Snack Review when I pretty much review just chocolate bars in their various shapes, colours and sizes. The answer to that question is that I review whatever I happen to be snacking on, which tends to be chocolate more often than other stuff. Believe it or not though, my day to day diet does consist of more than solely chocolate…and as if to prove it, I’ve got today’s review- Nabisco’s Nutter Butter Cookies.

Cadbury Boost

Boost bars are huge. I mean, not just ‘oh, this Kit Kat is pretty chunky’ but genuinely bloody massive. When you pick one up, they’re not actually that big in the hand, but you can just feel how dense they are from the weight. Cadbury’s Boost bar is very regularly sized (roughly equivalent to a Starbar in shape and size) but weighs in at 60.5g- significantly more than nearly any other chocolate out there- even your Kit Kat Chunkies and Yorkie bars, which make a big deal out of being supposedly huge, lag behind the Boost.


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Heavenly Cakes Eton Mess

And here we are at the end of a very cake filled week- and the ONLY way to end the Heavenly Cakes’ Cake Olympics is with our very own entrant- the UK being represented by the Eton Mess cake. Eton Mess is a popular British dessert of meringue, cream and strawberries…well, messed up and served together. I love it during the summer- it’s a really light option. Whilst the UK has a reputation for serving heavy, fried dishes all year round, Eton Mess bucks that trend- it’s perfect in the summer as we can use our freshly grown strawberries to create a light and more ‘delicate’ dessert.


Heavenly Cakes Lemon Bakewell

Pizza, Pasta and olive oil are some very Italian foods. Thankfully, Heavenly Cakes didn’t pick any of them when deciding which Italian food would feature as the Italian representative in their Olympic range, because let’s face it… nobody wants to eat a pasta cake. Instead, the company have taken what I think is traditionally an English food (the bakewell cake) and added a very Italian twist- this Lemon Bakewell contains real Sicilian lemon oil to give it that ‘citrusy kick’.


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Heavenly Cakes Nanaimo Bar

I had no idea what a Nanaimo Bar was when I saw this on the front of the Heavenly Cakes wrapper. I actually had to go and Google it to find out what flavours were involved. Of course, had I bothered to read the information sheet which came with my Olympic themed cake selection (probably a smart thing to do with the benefit of hindsight!) I would have found the very helpful and concise description from Heavenly Cakes; that the Nanaimo Bar was ‘a chocolate biscuit base, custard filling topped with plain chocolate.’