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The Fudge House Experience

032It’s new company time today! This time in the shape of The Fudge House. They are a family run business which have their base in Edinburgh, Scotland and they make…well, as you might have guessed, they make fudge. And not just one flavour like some companies. In fact they make a couple of dozen different flavours which is what attracted me to them in the first place when I originally found them on twitter.

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Heavenly Cakes Rum and Raisin Tiffin

Continuing on with the Olympic theme, we’ve got a Jamaican special from Heavenly Cakes in the shape of a Rum and Raisin Tiffin. What’s so Jamaican about that I hear you shout? Well the team over at Heavenly Cakes have chucked in some real Jamaican rum into the recipe to give it some kick! What’s not to like? Cakes- good. Booze- good. Cakes + booze- excellent.