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Frey Chocobloc Air

045I’ve done plenty of reviews of new companies recently on here, including my first forays into reviewing crisps, but today it’s back to a tried and trusted company of mine- Frey. The Swiss chocolate makers have churned out a succession of great bars of chocolate, some of which I’ve rated incredibly highly. This is my penultimate review of the chocolates they sent me last year, and it’s from their Chocobloc range- the Chocobloc Air.

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Cadbury Wispa

016After the Butterfinger bar, which is hugely popular and a bit of an American classic, I’ve got a British equivalent today to review. It might not be as old as the Butterfinger range from Nestle, but Cadbury’s Wispa bar is massive. I worked in a newsagents for a year and I’ve no doubt that we sold far more Wispas and Wispa Golds than any other product- even the legendary Mars and Snickers bars. Cadbury (back when they really WERE Cadbury, and not Kraft) discontinued it in 2003, but when the Wispa was brought back, people just EXPLODED for it.

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Nestle Boci Aero:

Well, for the second review running, I have somebody else to thank. Rather than winning today’s product in a competition, I was sent this bar out of a reader’s kindness and generosity. You’ll see ‘Choc It Out!’ in the ‘blogs I read’ down the right hand side of this page. Marcus, who runs that site, saw this bar and, knowing that I wanted it and couldn’t find it in any of my local shops, posted it to me. So huge thanks to Marcus for sending me this ‘Boci Aero’- a chocolate bar made by Nestle.


Cadbury Wispa Gold

I’ve been looking forward to writing a review of the Wispa Gold for a while. As a boy who grew up in the 90’s, this bar will probably forever remind me of my childhood. First released in 1995, the Wispa and Wispa Gold were discontinued from sale by Cadbury in 2003. Then Cadbury caved into the pressure to bring the original bar back in 2008, with the Wispa Gold appearing not long after.


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Aero Orange

I love those £1 introductory offers that shops use. In fact, truth be told, I guess I’m a bit of a sucker for them. Which means (at the moment, given the Jubilee celebrations) I’m buying A LOT of stuff with union jacks on it! This review is one of the rare products which wasn’t draped in red, white and blue wrapping.

The 40g Aero Orange bar wasn’t quite in the £1 range, setting me back 58p; apparently a special offer although it seemed about a normal price to me. Anyway, I digress.