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Zotter White Chocolate Walnut Brittle

001I bought this quite a while ago as I was eager to try Zotter’s white chocolate. Many of the classier and more high-brow companies don’t offer white chocolate at all and it’s often sneered at in artisan chocolate circles for not actually technically being chocolate as it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids. But Zotter produce this White Chocolate Walnut Brittle, which is good for two reasons; 1) I can try their attempts at a white chocolate and 2) nut brittle is a bit of a personal favourite of mine.

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Zotter Butter Caramel

As I was buying their Banana Forever bar a little while ago, I scanned Zotter’s list of products and something stuck out a bit as not really fitting it. But, as I’ve said before, the interesting thing about Zotter is that not many of their bars really ‘fit in’ to what is generally considered normal. So, as stands to reason, the bar which leapt out at me as not fitting in with everything else they offered was one of the ‘abnormal’ Zotter bars, which means that it’s a normal bar for most people’s tastes! No bacon or cheese, but instead just a standalone caramel bar… Read the rest of this entry »

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Zotter Banana Forever

It’s time for some more Zotter. They’re famed for being wacky, bonkers and a little bit crazy with their flavour combinations (I’m still a little in shock about the Bacon Bits bar I ate from them last month…) but when ordering my next bar, I plumped for a much more conventional bar, in the shape of Zotter’s Banana Forever. If you’re expecting another weird surprise here, you’ll be waiting a long time, because this is a banana flavoured bar, with a bit of honey. No meat, no cheese, no grapes. (Zotter products have contained all of those things rather amazingly.)

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Zotter Bacon Bits

Today I’ve got my first ever review of a Zotter product. Now, for those readers who haven’t heard of them, Zotter are…well bonkers. They’re a company famed for some seriously bizarre flavour combinations, which have included cheese, carrots, green tea, hemp seeds and potato vodka. See what I mean? Zotter are basically mad. And to prove that madness further, I got my hands on one of their Bacon Bits bar. As you might guess from the name, the Bacon Bits bar has…well, bits of bacon in it. Read the rest of this entry »

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