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The Gobstopper Click ‘n’ Mix

001A couple of months ago, I reviewed what I called ‘The Gobstopper Experience’. The Gobstopper is a company based in Northern England who specialise in retro sweets. They kindly contacted me to offer me the chance to experience their new product- their Click ‘n’ Mix. Pick ‘n’ Mix is a great example of what I always called ‘sweeties’ whilst I was growing up. ‘Sweeties’ are a very particular type of sweet- not everything sweet counts as a ‘sweetie’ to me. Sweeties must be luridly coloured and/or extremely sweet/sour. There must be minimal vitamins and nutrients involved for a true sweetie.

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The Gobstopper Experience

001I eat a lot of chocolate. I snack on quite a few other bits and pieces as well; crisps, cereal, fruit and the like. But I don’t tend to eat many ‘sweets’ these days. By sweets, I mean those products which are small, garishly coloured and probably about as good for you as a punch in the face. I’m not sure when and why I stopped eating them…I suppose you just grow out of sweets and I haven’t really eaten them for a decade. So when retro sweetshop The Gobstopper got in touch offering me the opportunity to try their service, I thought ‘it has been a while now…why the hell not?’

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