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Ritter Sport Yogurt

001Well, it sure feels like I haven’t written a review for a while. Oh right yeah, that’s because I haven’t! It has been nearly a whole month which is frankly disgraceful. And what a crazy month it has been- famous people dying, terrorism on U.S soil and…urgh…JLS splitting up? I’ve probably missed a whole load of other stuff too- I’ve been revising really quite intensely for my university final exams which are very soon.  Hence the lack of reviews recently. In fact I wasn’t planning on writing any during my exam period, but this review is essentially a form of procrastination! So what am I reviewing exactly? Well it’s Ritter Sport’s Yogurt bar of course.

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Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts

001I haven’t eaten a Ritter Sport bar for absolutely yonks. They just don’t really seem to be available that much in the UK that I can see- I’ve only reviewed two on here before and I found them both in a train station of all places. Then Chris, the friendly owner of a website called Monster Sweets, got in touch and offered me the chance to sample a collection of their imported Ritter Sport range. It goes without saying that I jumped at the opportunity, and this is the first review of a few that I’l be doing. The Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts.

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Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts

I always try and mention where I buy my review products from…purely because if they’re good, the chances are some of you might want to try them too. So far, I’ve had holiday chocolate, ordinary shops and supermarkets, Poundland/bargain shops and weird foreign foods places. Well today is my first train station review. I mean I’m reviewing a product bought from a train station shop, rather than a review of a train station itself. (Although I once bought a cheese and pickle sandwich from Doncaster train station that didn’t have any fecking pickle in it. Not cool Doncaster station. Not cool.)

Ritter Sport Strawberry Yoghurt

Ritter are a German chocolate company who have finally broken through in the UK a little recently. Having seen virtually nothing of theirs on sale here previous to about 2011, I’ve seen Ritter chocolate increasingly popping up- albeit only a few of the bars from their huge range which comprises of nearly 30 different flavours (including pear brandy mousse, cappuccino cream and butter caramel cream!)