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Nestle Butterfinger

001The Butterfinger bar- a product which I think is synonymous with American society and culture. I’ve seen so many T.V shows, films and posters about the Butterfinger, and it just seems to come hand in hand with the U.S.A. Whether Americans actually do love the Butterfinger as the media would suggest…I don’t know…perhaps some American readers could comment on its REAL popularity in the States. But having seen so many (admittedly fictional characters) people enjoying Butterfinger bars, I thought it was time I should try one.

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Nestle Violet Crumble


I haven’t done a review for a little bit- Christmas got in the way. But I’l try and make up for that by doing daily reviews this week…in the form of Australia Week! I have an Australian reader, Aimée, who has recently moved from her homeland over here to the UK. She very generously and thoughtfully brought over some of Australia’s chocolate for me to try, and that is what I’l take a look at every day this week. Starting today, with Nestle’s Violet Crumble bar.

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Nestle Yorkie Honeycomb

012The Yorkie brand will surely go down as the most sexist in chocolate history. The slogan “not for girls” remains a complete mystery to me in a business sense too. You see, companies want to try and sell their products to as many people as they possibly can. Makes sense right? Well Nestle were obviously thinking outside of the box, and decided that the Yorkie brand was a great idea… when to me, immediately pissing off 50% of your potential custom seems at best strange and at worst seriously idiotic. Maybe they’ve realised this… because this limited edition Yorkie Honeycomb I bought didn’t have the famous Yorkie slogan on it anywhere.

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Nestle Caramac

We’re all products of the environment that we’re raised in. This means passing on traditions, beliefs and opinions, but also passing on interests and passions. The Nestle Caramac is a bar that my Dad has always had a bit of a taste for. He has never been one to chow down on a Mars bar or a Snickers; but he has a penchant for the Caramac. I’m also (on an unrelated note) fairly certain that the Caramac isn’t a bar which is well known outside of the UK so this might be new and interesting for some non-Brit readers especially.

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Nestle Lion White

I’ve taken the rule book and lobbed it out of the window for today’s review. By that,  I mean that I’ve previously managed to find and review the rarer varieties from the Lion range; their Lion Peanut and Lion Pop Chocs… and to go with those I finally found and bought the Lion White which I’m reviewing today. But I STILL haven’t done a regular Lion bar yet…which is totally counter-intuitive and against ‘the rules’. So that’s me: Dave the chocolate reviewing maverick. Society (and basic logic) would have wanted me to start with the traditional Lion bar to allow for comparisons. But screw that. So here it is: the Lion White.

Nestle Lion Peanut

Roooooooar. Bet that scared you right. Anyway, the obvious reason for the roar is that today’s review is on a Lion product. Not the original Lion bar, but an alternative that I found in a local corner shop the other day- the Lion Peanut. I’d never actually heard of this before; I knew of the Lion and the semi-legendary Lion White, but never the Lion Peanut. The wrapper proclaimed it to be ‘new’ but given that none of the wrapper was written in English (or even in a language that I could recognise at all!) I can’t actually even say which country this is new to exactly!


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Nestle Vice Versas

First it was the Wispa. And then the Wispa Gold. Now Nestle have followed Cadbury’s example and (after an internet campaign from hardcore fans) decided to bring back a previously discontinued sweet from the past- the Vice Versas. Only this time, I don’t even remember them from their first time round…either a sign that they weren’t very good, or that I’m too young for them. Either way, I finally got round to buying a bag of them so thought I’d take a look. Nestle are a bit of a mixed bag- I quite like Rolos, Munchies and Kit Kats but they have also produced some absolute horror chocolates (e.g. all Black Magic boxes of chocolates should be blown up and the debris fired into space so that nobody has to eat them.)


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