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Frey Milk and Hazelnuts

042It has finally happened. Frey sent me a ridiculously generous box of their products to review in the summer of last year, and I’ve racked up about 15 reviews since that package arrived from Switzerland. I thought it would be never-ending, and that every time I reached down into the box it would be like Mary Poppins’ handbag and another bar would appear. But alas not- today’s milk and Hazelnuts review is the last. Which, given how impressive most of their chocolate has been, is bad news. Sad face.

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Lucky’s Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins

038I loved the Lucky’s Tweedle Twins that I tried before. In fact one of the flavours I reviewed remains the highest EVER rated snack on this site…it was that good. So when I saw that Lucky’s had released a new variety of Tweedle Twin flavour, I had to buy it- not solely to review, but mainly because I thought it would taste fecking brilliant. No pressure then Lucky’s!

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Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins

After reviewing the Dreamy Lemon flavour from Lucky’s new Tweedle Twins range last week, I’ve got a different flavour from the same Tweedle Twins range- in the form of the ‘Toffee Groove’. The concept is identical- a ‘cake in a jar’, but the flavours here have moved away from the light and very ‘summery’ lemon and white chocolate combination. Instead, fittingly as the temperatures drop and the nights begin to draw it, the Toffee Groove is more of a heavy and warming product.


Lucky’s Dreamy Lemon Tweedle Twins

This is a first review from Lucky’s. I had the pleasure of trying some of their stuff before I set up this site, but hadn’t ordered anything from them since- so I was delighted when I was asked to take a look at their some of their new range-  titled ‘the Tweedle Twins’. Tweedle Twins are basically cakes. In jars. Yep, that’s right- little jam jars stuffed to the brim with a combination of luscious cake and flavoursome ‘add-ons’ (including salted caramel, hazelnut brittle, coconut& chocolate and finally the flavour featured in today’s review- white chocolate ganache and lemon.) To top it all off, Lucky’ s even throw in a little spoon with each pot you get, so there is no washing up associated with these either…happy days!

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