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Lindt Cookie Crunch

001I don’t often buy Lindt as a spur of the moment thing. They make decent enough chocolate, but it doesn’t particularly excite or inspire me…they are ‘safe’ and you normally know what you’re getting from them. But I was knocking around in WHSmith when I saw a Lindt produced bar titled the Cookie Crunch. Ever heard of it? Because I hadn’t.

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Lindt Velvety Vanilla Almond

I get the feeling that I’m being a bit slow on these Lindt bars. They were released quite a while ago (in the summer) and some review sites seemed to do them all in the space of a week. I’ve spread them out though, and having done the Sumptuous Orange and Luscious Caramel 4-6 weeks ago, I’m onto the penultimate bar from Lindt’s new Creations range today: The Velvety Vanilla Almond.
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Lindt Cresta

Every time I begin to think I’ve finally reviewed all of the chocolate that I brought back from my summer holiday in Malta, I find another one tucked away in my house somewhere, and off I go again. This time it’s a Lindt bar that popped up from the back of a drawer in my kitchen. This Lindt Cresta bar was a standard 100g, but I’ve never seen another Lindt product packaged like this so I’m not sure if it has a whole load of brother and sister products which are out there somewhere waiting to be found.

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Lindt Sumptuous Orange

Having already taken a look at one bar in Lindt’s new Creation range, the Luscious Caramel bar, today I’m moving on to another- the Sumptuous Orange. It’s the only component in their new line-up which features dark chocolate as the base flavour so it is a little different to the other three flavours in the new range, all of which are sweet, sweet, sweet. I had a bit of a bad feeling about this though- chocolate and orange are a combination rarely done very well from my experiences. Normally the orange flavour is either so horrendously artificial that it’s barely edible, or at the other end of the spectrum and akin to spooning fruit sugar into your mouth.
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Lindt Luscious Caramel

I’m slightly behind the curve with this in that I bought all four bars of the new Lindt Creations range about a month ago and hadn’t got round to eating any of them until Saturday. Lindt have created 4 new bars of chocolate and I’l be reviewing them all in the near(ish) future: first up is the Luscious Caramel bar. I bought this from Sainsburys for £1.99, which puts it bang in the middle of the highe quality chocolate that is available in supermarkets- along with the likes of Green and Blacks and Divine etc.


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Lindt White Lindor Bar

This was a good find right here. Normally I start my reviews with a bit of information and preamble, but to get straight to the point- this was a delicious bar of chocolate from Lindt.

You’ve probably heard of their Lindor range before- however you might not have seen their White Lindor for sale in bar form. I stumbled across a bar of it last week and it was goooood.

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Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

I love Kinder chocolate. That might seem like a strange way to start a review of a Lindt bar, but all will become clear over the next 2 minutes of you reading this.

This ‘Double Milk’ flavoured Lindt product comes described as ‘Swiss milk chocolate with a milky filling.’ Now, apart from sounding a bit dirty, I was intrigued as to what this actually meant when I picked this bar off the shelf.
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