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Frey Chocobloc Air

045I’ve done plenty of reviews of new companies recently on here, including my first forays into reviewing crisps, but today it’s back to a tried and trusted company of mine- Frey. The Swiss chocolate makers have churned out a succession of great bars of chocolate, some of which I’ve rated incredibly highly. This is my penultimate review of the chocolates they sent me last year, and it’s from their Chocobloc range- the Chocobloc Air.

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Frey Dark Orange

030Nothing says Christmas quite like chocolate orange. So why the hell I’m eating and reviewing Frey’s Dark Orange bar in February I’m not quite sure. Well my parents did always insist that I was very ‘special’ and a lot of my school teachers said the same…so I guess that would probably explain it! I’m nearly at the end of my (initially vast!) Frey stocks now with just a couple of bars remaining, and today I’m looking at their take on the classic chocolate and orange flavour combination.

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Frey Milk Hazelnut Supreme

001I’m reviewing the final bar from Frey’s Supreme range that they sent me a few months ago today. This is the milk chocolate version of the dark chocolate bar I took a look at just before Christmas, whilst previous to that I reviewed their White Chocolate Almond bar- which is one of my favourite EVER chocolate products. Both of the previous bars have impressed me (in particular the white chocolate one) so I was seriously looking forward to getting my teeth into this.

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Frey Dark Crunchy Almond:

We’re finally here. I promised you Frey Week and WHAT a week it has been. The laughs we’ve shared; the tears, the rage, the horror and hysteria, the depression, disgust and love. Well, actually it has just been me eating chocolate. But hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of the reviews! The final review this week comes in the form of Frey’s Dark Crunchy Almond bar.

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Frey Chocobloc White:

You’re probably starting to know the drill now regarding Frey’s Chocobloc range. It is a series of flavoured bars similar to the Toblerone, and after the Dark, Milk and Orange varieties, I’ve got their white chocolate version to review today on day 4 of Frey Week. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of Frey Week by the way…I guess time flies when you’re eating chocolate.

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Frey Coffee and Cocoa

Onto day 3 of Frey Week, and I’ve got a ‘flavour first’ for The Snack Review. I’m approaching 100 reviews, but I somehow have never reviewed a single coffee flavoured product. Well, with my century fast approaching, I thought I’d better pull my finger out and sort that out, so here we are: Frey’s Coffee and Cocoa bar.

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Frey Dark Hazelnut Supreme

Happy Tuesday! It’s day two of ‘Frey Week’: can I hear a “woop woop”? *Silence*. Nope? Ok then. Today I’m having a gander at Frey’s Dark Hazelnut Supreme bar… something which is relatively new even in Europe I think, meaning that this is probably as close as I’m going to get to an ‘exclusive’. I haven’t seen it reviewed anywhere else on the net to date… so TheSnackReview is obviously the place to be.

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