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Ferrero Duplo

After reviewing the Cadbury Crispello on Monday of this week, I’ve got something today which is actually fairly similar in style to review. But unlike the Crispello, which will be (I’m sure) available in just about every shop going in a few weeks time, the Ferrero Duplo is something that I was totally unaware of until I found it and bought it. You’ve probably all gathered, from the strange foreign chocolate I occasionally review, that I like a good peruse of foreign food shops from time to time. And that was exactly how I found this 58p Ferrero Duplo bar.

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Kinder Cereali Summer

Well I’m coming towards the end of the ‘holiday collection’ of chocolate that came from Malta about 3 months ago. I’ve tried to save some of the more interesting and odd stuff until later, and interesting and odd are definitely adjectives that can be used to describe the Kinder Cereali Summer. From the description alone, this actually sounds fairly straight forward and run of the mill- ‘A top layer of milk chocolate with creamy white chocolate and cereal pieces.’ Just sounds like a normal Kinder bar with a few cereal bits chucked in right?


Kinder Bueno White

I probably should have reviewed a normal Kinder Bueno bar before the Kinder White I guess. However I’ve chosen to review the Bueno White first, which is a little like reviewing a Twix Fino before a Twix or Rolo Biscuits before actual Rolos… just not right. But hey- the shop I was on at the time didn’t have any milk chocolate Buenos, only their white chocolate alternative.  So screw it- I wasn’t going to go walking around everywhere just to find the same bar but with a different chocolate coating. I’l review the milk chocolate Bueno in the future sometime.


Ferrero- Tronky

Ferrero Tronky. Let me guess- you’ve never heard of it right? Well neither had I until about 2 weeks ago. Bought in Malta, but with the labelling and nutritional information written in Greek, this is a ‘Crunchy wafer filled with hazelnut and chocolate cream’.  It was actually the first time in ages that I saw a bar on a shop shelf which I had never seen or even heard of before- probably a sign that I know too much about chocolate I guess?


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