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Cadbury’s Creme Egg

086It’s the last review before Easter Sunday on well…Sunday, and therefore I thought it was time to review surely the most legendary Easter snack there is- Cadbury’s Creme Egg. I don’t think you’ll find a single person in Britain who doesn’t know what a Creme Egg is, and apparently they are fairly big in the States and getting bigger. Can you get them elsewhere in the world? Well I’d love to hear from any readers in other places who have come across the Creme Egg…I’d imagine that Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand etc must have?

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Cadbury’s Curly Wurly

001Ahhhhh, the classic Curly Wurly. ‘Back in the day’ when I was a little boy, Curly Wurlies were the most sought after bar going solely because of price. There was the Freddo and Chomp range available at 10p. And of course the full sized bars like Mars and Snickers- at 40p+, these were a luxury option rarely possible on a limited pocket money budget. But the Curly Wurlies cost about 20-25p, leaving you with a tough decision on how to spend your pennies. So screw you George Osborne- you don’t truly know what tough financial decision-making is.

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Cadbury’s Double Decker

001I’m always seeing Double Deckers (not the busses… well ok…I see plenty of them too) but it is a bar which has never, ever captured my imagination. In fact, I didn’t even know what a Cadbury’s Double Decker was until I bought this one to review. And given that I write about chocolate 3 or 4 times  a week and know a fair amount about chocolate bars as a result (AKA I have no life) that is saying something. The Double Decker has just never floated my boat.

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Cadbury P.S

012I like reviewing rarer chocolate. It feels a bit more special to eat- and today’s review DEFINITELY counts as rare. Cadbury’s P.S bar comes all the way from sunny South Africa, adding another exotic country to the places I’ve reviewed products from before. What is it? Well before I ate it, I couldn’t have told you! I didn’t even know it existed until I was given it as a gift.

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Cadbury Caramello Roll

016After a couple of savoury crisp reviews recently, I’m back into some unusual chocolate in the form of Cadbury Australia’s Caramello Roll. Essentially these seem to be a Cadbury’s attempt at recreating the Rolo, with each packet containing about a dozen little chocolate pieces containing golden caramel. It’s bold from Cadbury Australia to try and imitate (or even beat) Nestle’s Rolo because, well, the Rolo is A) bloody good and B) bloody successful. But those crazy Aussies obviously have no fear, and they’ve taken time out from having a BBQ wearing cork-hats (well, probably- they’re Australian) to have a crack at bettering it.

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Cadbury Wispa

016After the Butterfinger bar, which is hugely popular and a bit of an American classic, I’ve got a British equivalent today to review. It might not be as old as the Butterfinger range from Nestle, but Cadbury’s Wispa bar is massive. I worked in a newsagents for a year and I’ve no doubt that we sold far more Wispas and Wispa Golds than any other product- even the legendary Mars and Snickers bars. Cadbury (back when they really WERE Cadbury, and not Kraft) discontinued it in 2003, but when the Wispa was brought back, people just EXPLODED for it.

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Cadbury Golden Crisp

016Ireland is well known for a lot of things. Guinness (The Irish consume more beer per head than any other country in the world); leprechauns; passion; sport; fighting and a lot more. Those are ordinarily what people think of when they think or Ireland right? Well every country and culture has hidden gems as well, and that is what I’m hoping the review today will turn out to be- it’s Cadbury Ireland’s Golden Crisp bar. Without even a drop of Guinness.

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