Ritter Sport Yogurt

26 Apr

001Well, it sure feels like I haven’t written a review for a while. Oh right yeah, that’s because I haven’t! It has been nearly a whole month which is frankly disgraceful. And what a crazy month it has been- famous people dying, terrorism on U.S soil and…urgh…JLS splitting up? I’ve probably missed a whole load of other stuff too- I’ve been revising really quite intensely for my university final exams which are very soon.  Hence the lack of reviews recently. In fact I wasn’t planning on writing any during my exam period, but this review is essentially a form of procrastination! So what am I reviewing exactly? Well it’s Ritter Sport’s Yogurt bar of course.



Chris from Monster Sweets sent me this to eat, and claimed it was a rather unusual and exciting little bar. Well, as ever, I’l be the judge of that. But to give him his due, it definitely is a little unusual. Yogurt is very rarely used with chocolate for some reason, but those crazy old Germans at Ritter Sport have taken time out of wearing lederhosen and drinking beer to concoct this ‘refreshing yogurt filling’ flavoured chocolate.

It’s quite a simple idea as most of the best stuff is. 100g of chocolate, of which it’s 55% chocolate and 45% yogurty filling. Nice and easy to explain. I sort of wish I was having to answer questions about Ritter Sport’s chocolate range over the next few weeks really…it’s certainly more exciting than what my actual exams are about (Australian political history; political lobbying and the politics of Chechnya. It’s a barrel of laughs…).





The yogurt filling is skimmed milk based. That didn’t particularly inspire me- skimmed milk sucks. It’s flavourless, watery rubbish in my opinion. It’s crafty stuff and it tricks me every time I drink it- the appearance is exactly the same white hue as regular semi-skimmed/whole milk, which makes the final disappointment all the stronger when you actually taste it and find out that it tastes like…nothing.

If there is one thing that Ritter Sport bars have consistently delivered (well, all the bars that I’ve reviewed anyway) it’s flavour. Big flavour. So I crossed my fingers that the Germans hadn’t dropped the ball here and opened up the wrapper. And was greeted with a smell that was…very, very, very, very odd. The regular milk chocolate smelt…regular. Nice, milky stuff. That wasn’t the weird part. The weird element was a sort of cheesecakey, sour creamy edge. Most yogurt themed products tend to use a lot of sugar making the smell much more mellow…Ritter Sport’s yogurt is more savoury.

I should say that I hated it. Because, in theory, sourness and milk chocolate aren’t exactly perfect bed buddies. But I’d be lying. It was strangely appetising.




I started typing a sentence here about how good the white filling looked. It appeared so smooth. Then I read it back, and realised how dirty it sounded. So if you’ve used a search engine looking for “smooth, white, cream fillings” and you’re looking for something else…well I can only apologise because you’re probably going to leave this website very disappointed!

It does look nice though right? The yogurt filling has a dreamy, light appearance and the snow-white colour against brown milk chocolate is very easy on the eye.



The most important part in a review is obviously not how nice the chocolate looked or smells, but the taste. Now Chris has claimed that this was excellent and one of his favourite bars in the Ritter Sport range. I had doubted him because of the skimmed milk based centre. I was wrong to doubt you and Ritter Sport Chris. I was wrong.

Ritter Sport’s Yogurt bar is, to be short, damn tasty. It wasn’t at all what I had expected, but the overall taste was, to use the German’s own language, ‘sehr gut’.

The twist here is that the yogurt centre isn’t at all sweet and ‘desserty’. It’s actually tart; not quite savoury but more of a plain yogurt than a ‘kid’s yogurt’ if you understand what I mean. It is, as Chris has promised, an unusual bar of chocolate as a result. But it really works- the milk chocolate, as ever from Ritter Sport, is light and sweet in typical German style. That, in combination with the more toned down yogurt centre is a cracking pairing. They complement each other far more than I had predicted or expected.



Ritter Sport’s Yogurt bar is a well above average offering. I haven’t tried that many yogurt bars in my time so perhaps it might not mean that much, but it is the best yogurt based bar I’ve tasted. The way in which the two elements are balanced is excellent (Goldilocks would be delighted- it’s ‘just right’) with sweetness and richness from the fairly thick milk chocolate casing and then a more dairy, tart kind of flavour from the yogurt component.

It’s probably my favourite Ritter Sport bar that I’ve reviewed, and by far and away the most surprising/unusual. Definitely recommended if you like chocolate that is a little curious and original.

Rating- 8.4/10.


7 responses to “Ritter Sport Yogurt

  1. Monster Sweets

    April 26, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the review. i am glad the Ritter Sport Yogurt came out a champ and you enjoyed it.. Its one of those bars when you try it you’ll love it.

  2. Alex Britten

    April 26, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Welcome back!!

  3. TheReviewAddict

    April 26, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Hmmm not sure about yogurt in a chocolate bar but you can’t really go wrong with Ritter Sport so I will probably still add it to my long list of things to try. I can’t wait to try the Coconut Ritter Sport.
    Welcome back by the way!

  4. Kevs Snack Reviews (@kevvieguy)

    April 26, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Welcome back Dave, I missed your reviews!

    Out of yogurt filled chocolates I’ve only tried Milka Yogurt and Ritter Sport Olympia, and would highly recommend the Olympia. It has nuts, dextrose and honey as well as yogurt. Very unique bar.

  5. P

    July 3, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    olympia is really a very unusual bar… (but tasty)
    also, i can already tell you that while olymia is based on the yoghurt bar, it tastes very different. (way sweeter)

  6. Aimee (Hot or Cold)

    August 3, 2013 at 1:26 am

    This is my favourite chocolate ever! I found it in Munich and bought a bar, and loved it! A shame I can’t get it anywhere around here ): Miss your posts, hope you are okay!

  7. Roy Snaxon

    August 8, 2013 at 10:53 am

    I think i should be ashamed of myself, i see so much hype for Ritters yet i’ve yet to try them.


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