Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts

22 Mar

001I haven’t eaten a Ritter Sport bar for absolutely yonks. They just don’t really seem to be available that much in the UK that I can see- I’ve only reviewed two on here before and I found them both in a train station of all places. Then Chris, the friendly owner of a website called Monster Sweets, got in touch and offered me the chance to sample a collection of their imported Ritter Sport range. It goes without saying that I jumped at the opportunity, and this is the first review of a few that I’l be doing. The Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts.




I was really taken aback after looking at the Monster Sweets website- they might not have the same quantity of stuff available as some other import specialists, but the prices are excellent. For instance their Ritter Sport range like this bar is from will set you back £1.55- excellent value for 100g bars of chocolate. The postage (which is where online shops are increasingly making their money) depending on how much you’re buying is also pretty reasonable at only a couple of quid. It’s probably the best value import place I’ve come across.

The last couple of Ritter Sport bars that I ate were both acceptable, and one of them was excellent. There was the Strawberry Yoghurt, which I thought was ok but didn’t fall in love with. But I also had the pleasure of reviewing their White Whole Hazelnut bar, which in my opinion was fantastic. So my initial experience of the German company Ritter Sport’s produce has been largely positive.





What about their Caramel Nut bar though? Well, as mentioned, it’s a 100g block of chocolate which comes the form of Ritter Sport’s traditional and unconventional square shape. The Germans describe it as ‘milk chocolate filled with butter-caramel-crème, hazelnut pieces and rice flakes’ or at least that’s my translation of it using my admittedly amateur German language skills. I thought that it sounded rather good, and I was particularly interested to see how Ritter Sport executed the caramel crème centre, as I’ve eaten Milka’s attempt before which was impressive.





I like the unconventional square shape of the Ritter Sport range, and I much prefer their chunky style pieces to other companies’ flatter offerings too- it feels more filling with you get a large individual chunk of chocolate. Each piece of this bar broke off cleanly (none of that annoyance when you break along the indicated lines and yet the bar just chooses to do as it pleases and looks like you’ve hit it with a hammer) and with a fair snap to it.

This Caramel Nuts smelt glorious. I always associate Germany with exceptional caramel (almost certainly because I had a Grandma who plied me and my siblings with German company Werther’s Originals from a young age) and the Ritter Sport caramel was outstandingly buttery and indulgent smelling. There was a little chocolate too- quite cocoa-y and rich.



The crème filling to Ritter Sport’s Caramel Nuts bar is superb. The consistency isn’t amazing- it’s fairly smooth without overly impressing- but the taste is well above average. I wouldn’t actually describe it as caramel myself- it’s much darker in flavour, more like butterscotch or a toffee flavour really. But the flavour is strong, creamy and sweet. I would happily much a bar of just the caramel crème.

That isn’t where the bar ends though. It has a fairly generous amount of hazelnut pieces spread throughout it, and they’re ok without excelling. They are reasonably flavoursome and despite being only small in size, the little nutty nibs provide a pleasing crunch against the caramel crème’s softness. There are also a few rice flakes too, but they were so few and far between that they were practically pointless- only three of the pieces I ate from the bar had any rice flakes in them at all!

Ritter Sport’s milk chocolate is of a high standard as is usually the case- their German ‘schokolade’ has a relatively smooth melt and a shed load of cocoa flavour…far more than is usually the case for a mass-produced milk chocolate.



So the Caramel Nuts is a nice bar from Ritter Sport. It isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination- the hazelnuts are ok without grabbing your attention, and the crispy rice flakes seem to be in short supply at Ritter Sport HQ! BUT the caramel centre is absolutely lush- a super toffee-esque dark sweetness with a very thick, smooth melt to it. Throw in some good quality milk chocolate and it has more than enough to keep you interested.

I enjoyed the Caramel Nuts bar and will definitely eat it again in the future. I haven’t come across another bar which offers the exact same combination of flavours and textures that this does- the caramel is quite original in both texture and flavour.

Rating- 7.5/10.


One response to “Ritter Sport Caramel Nuts

  1. Monster sweets

    March 22, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the Ritter Sport caramel nut. A great review, thanks Dave. Good point about the Ritter Sport being able to snap them down the ridge, I like that a chocolate bar that doesn’t fall apart when you share with friends. 🙂 Thanks again..
    Monster Sweets


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