Cadbury’s Double Decker

11 Mar

001I’m always seeing Double Deckers (not the busses… well ok…I see plenty of them too) but it is a bar which has never, ever captured my imagination. In fact, I didn’t even know what a Cadbury’s Double Decker was until I bought this one to review. And given that I write about chocolate 3 or 4 times  a week and know a fair amount about chocolate bars as a result (AKA I have no life) that is saying something. The Double Decker has just never floated my boat.



But I decided, finally, that- at nearly 22 years of age and a self-anointed chocolate guru- it was unacceptable for me to not even know what a major selling bar like the Double Decker was. So I didn’t just research it, I thought I’d buy it and review. The wrapper gave me my first indication of what to expect- Cadbury describe the product as ‘milk chocolate with smooth, chewy nougat and crisp, crunchy cereal filling’. I don’t know what I was thinking all of these years then, as that sounds kind of nice to me.

Initially, the most notable thing about the Double Decker was that these things are HEAVY. You get 60g of chocolatey goodness for your pennies (this cost me 65 pennies to be precise) and you really do get a fair amount of ‘Decker’ for your cash. I like that. I’d obviously always go for quality over quantity…but quantity is normally good too. Hence (as I’m at university and therefore get to observe students’ shopping habits) students go for bars which give them quantity. Kit Kat Chunkies, Double Deckers, Yorkies and the like.



The bar seemed to be erupting nougat. As you’ll notice above, Cadbury had obviously packed in too much of the stuff for the chocolate coating to hold (no complaints from me there) meaning the beige coloured stuff was forcing its way out and attempting to flee my hungry stomach. Not on my watch nougat. Not on my watch.



The wrapper is luridly coloured and not exactly refined, but it’s tremendously clear and recognisable meaning it has done the job Cadbury wanted it to do I suppose. Like a traffic warden (in fact it’s even a similar colour to those high-vis jackets they wear) I don’t like it per se, but I’l admit that it has got a job to do and it is doing it effectively. Even though I bought the Double Decker on Friday (in March 2013) this still had the 2012 Olympic Games logo emblazoned on the packaging too. The fact that the shop I bought it from still had stock from then shows that they obviously don’t sell many of these!

Rather predictably, it smelt of the super sweet ‘secondary’ Cadbury’s milk chocolate and not  a lot else. Their ‘coating’ chocolate isn’t too bad but is definitely inferior to the delightful creaminess of Dairy Milk. There was also a hint of biscuit/oatyness too but as a whole to this point the Double Decker wasn’t particularly inspiring- it sounded ok, it looked average and it smelt passable. Nothing more or less.



And the taste followed logically on from that. Cadbury’s Double Decker bar is adequate and acceptable but about as exciting as a quiet walk in a quiet park.

The bottom layer is composed of dull milk chocolate mixed with some very crispy cereal pieces. They’re so crispy (and quite sweet) that they’re more like biscuit pieces than cereal to be honest. Cadbury are quite generous with the portioning of these ‘cereal’ bits meaning that they add some nice malty flavour to the bland milk chocolate they’re surrounded by.

The top layer of the Double Decker is the nougat component. It ‘eats’ much like marshmallow does- it is seriously sweet and bloody stringy. Much like when you eat a Curly Wurly and the bar ‘follows you’ as you try and take a bite and move your head away from the bar, the nougat is so stringy that at one point I was holding the Double Decker about 2 feet away from my mouth and the stuff just wouldn’t break! I tried to capture this in one of the above photographs… it is VERY stringy indeed.



There isn’t a great deal of taste to either the nougat or indeed the Double Decker as a whole. It has a nice ‘eat’ to it much like my last review of the Reese’s Fast Break, but that doesn’t really mask its shortcomings in flavour.

The very chewy, sticky, stringy nougat does contrast really nicely with the crispy cereal pieces in the bottom ‘deck’ of the bar (see what I did there…because it’s called a Double Decker…God I’m funny!) so you get a couple of nice textures. But it really does taste weak. A little bit of maltiness from the cereal bits, and a little bit of milkiness from the chocolate coating combined with a hell of a load of sugar. That’s basically it in a nutshell.

In fact the biggest positive I have about the Cadbury’s Double Decker is that it’s so filling that it’s basically a meal in a bar! I wouldn’t eat it again for taste, but if I’m ever starving and too poor for proper food, I’l be heading for the Double Decker.

Rating- 6.2/10.


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2 responses to “Cadbury’s Double Decker

  1. grocerygems

    March 11, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    I used to love the Double Decker in my younger days, along with the Boost. I guess I liked to pack in the sugar! I haven’t had one for years, although I think this review will change that!

  2. TheReviewAddict

    March 12, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Ah one of my old faves too. I can’t believe you had never tried one! It is pretty heavy going, they should make mini ones!


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