Reese’s Fast Break

08 Mar

026I haven’t reviewed a Reese’s product for a while so thought it was about time I did. I like the Reese’s brand- it is quite far removed from what we have available in the UK which gives it a little bit of a novelty value. How is it different to our chocolate? Well, obviously all of the peanut butter for a start. Whereas we English are occasionally thrown a limited edition bar with a bit of P.B, Americans get an entire brand dedicated to the stuff. This makes me envious.



Thankfully, due to the wonders of globalisation, I can now buy their chocolate too albeit for an inflated price. This Reese’s Fast Break bar was bought in Meadowhall, Sheffield for £1.19. As is the norm with import bars, that is about twice the price of a similar bar here. For that money you’ll get 56g of what Reese’s describe as ‘milk chocolate, peanut butter and nougats’.

Wikipedia reliably informs me that the Fast Break’s name came about as it was a bar originally designed to replace breakfast. See what Reese’s have done there? They’ve cleverly taken the word breakfast and revolutionised it. All sarcasm aside, I don’t quite understand the Fast Break as a breakfast option. I can honestly say that I’ve never got out of bed and immediately craved some nougat. Never ever. I don’t think it’s actually eaten as a ‘breakfast bar’ though. The Fast Break is just a standard bar of chocolate in America I think. Perhaps a kind American reader can confirm that for me?




It looks every inch a Reese’s bar. The Fast Break’s wrapper is that luridly coloured orange that is the same fluorescent hue as a high-visibility jacket that you might see a road worker wearing. Subtlety and nuances have never been a Reese’s trait. Another noticeable thing about how design of the wrapper is that the brand name “REESE’S” is in larger letters and more prominently placed than the actual bar name “FAST BREAK”. I think that says it all about how powerful the Reese’s brand is in the United States- their marketers have obviously realised that the Reese’s colour and logo sells far better than a specific bar name ever can.

The bar is like a Cadbury’s Boost over here in England when you pick it up. It looks quite innocuous and small, but it’s surprisingly heavy meaning that the peanut butter and nougat fillings of the bar are obviously very dense and compact. The Fast Break feels substantial.



You don’t get any nasty surprises with the smell either. Reese’s Fast Break smells like basically every single Reese’s product that has ever existed has smelt. There is a slight sweetness from the chocolate coating without any actual ‘chocolatey’ element, and then the creamy, nutty notes from the core of the bar. It’s nice, although (as I say) it basically smells like any Reese’s product…they’re all the same really.



You always know what you’re getting from Reese’s peanut butter, and they deliver it again once more with their Fast Break. The P.B is moist (probably not quite as far as being greasy but not far off) and has a decent flavour to it with a very strong peanut taste and some softer butteriness. It’s mostly a very savoury flavour but with that hint of creaminess which makes the taste more suited to a chocolate bar.

I’m not going to rant about the milk chocolate too much. I don’t want to repeat myself. It isn’t great at all as it barely tastes of any kind of cocoa. However it is a relatively thin coating and thankfully doesn’t taste too strongly so no biggie.

I had been most looking forward to trying the strip of nougat at the bottom of the bar as I hadn’t tried American nougat from memory before. It was actually the nougat part of the Fast Break that was the most disappointing- it is miles too sweet. There is absolutely no chance that I could stomach anything this severely sugary too soon after getting up (or at any point during the day for that matter!) Each bite of the Fast Break becomes really sickly as a result. I did like the texture of the nougat layer; its stringiness and chewiness is nice in combination with the moister peanut butter. Just a shame about the flavour.



It was interesting to try the Reese’s Fast Break. The bar is their simple and legendary combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter that most of you may have tried already, but with a slight twist in the form of the ill-fated nougat layer. Does the bar work on the whole? Well as described, the nougat isn’t great. But in general the Fast Break isn’t too bad.

Sure, it’s too sweet for me. However there is plenty of the famous Reese’s peanut butter flavour and a pleasant texture to the bar too with the chewy nougat contributing positively in that regard.

I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but I didn’t dislike this as a one-off to try.

Rating- 6.4/10.


2 responses to “Reese’s Fast Break

  1. Chester

    September 24, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Tremendous Cross Sectioning!

  2. Autumn

    March 9, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    As a kind American reader, I would have to say that Fast Break is not a standard chocolate bar in the United States. Being from the Hershey Company, there are other bars that take much more precedence than Fast Break. For example, there is the standard Hershey’s Bar… but from that same family there is Hershey’s with almonds, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with almonds, cookies n’ cream and the bars with little air bubbles, among others. Same goes for KitKats, another Hershey Company giant. KitKats also come in dark chocolate, in KitKat sticks, and white chocolate varieties. So as for the Reese’s, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is what I would consider a standard chocolate candy. From the Reese’s family, there is the dark and white chocolate peanut butter cups, the Nutrageous, Fast Break, Minis, Reese’s Pieces, Big Cup and Crispy Crunchy varieties. There are also peanut butters sold in a jar that is from the Reese’s company!

    I hope that helped solve any discrepancies!
    – A fellow chocolate enthusiast


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