Lucky’s Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins

06 Mar

038I loved the Lucky’s Tweedle Twins that I tried before. In fact one of the flavours I reviewed remains the highest EVER rated snack on this site…it was that good. So when I saw that Lucky’s had released a new variety of Tweedle Twin flavour, I had to buy it- not solely to review, but mainly because I thought it would taste fecking brilliant. No pressure then Lucky’s!



For £5.95, you get two ‘cakes in a jar’. Note the grammar by the way- you don’t get ‘two cakes in a jar’ you get two ‘cakes in a jar’. Lucky’s may have impressed me with this innovative concept when I reviewed their Dreamy Lemon and Toffee Groove flavours, but even they haven’t yet released a product which packs two cakes into a single jar. YET. (That should be your next challenge Lucky’s!) When I say that the Dreamy Lemon and Toffee Groove varieties ‘impressed me’, what I actually mean is that they bowled me over. They looked fantastic, and both tasted superb.

These newly released Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins are ‘white chocolate and raspberry topping on red shortbread’. So they’re a much ‘lighter’ blend of flavours than the Toffee Groove which was super-rich. Each Berry Velvet jar has a base layer of blood red shortbread (how often is shortbread ‘blood red’ in colour by the way?!) and then a much thicker and more substantial looking blend of the fruit and white chocolate elements which are a softer, more purple kind of colour.



Even though the novelty value of getting a cake…in a jar… has worn off, the idea behind the Tweedle Twins range still enthuses me. I remember writing it when I first reviewed the Dreamy Lemon back in September of last year, but it remains the case; I eat and review an awful lot of average stuff. Much of it is bland and unimaginative. More often than not, products rely on big-money marketing campaigns and advertising to sell us what is effectively boring old crap. These Tweedle Twins don’t need any of that. They sell themselves- all you have to do is look at them. They are a unique concept and probably as far removed from mundane launches like the Snickers More Nuts as it is possible to be (ooooo wow Mars, it must have taken you ages to think up putting a few more peanuts into a bar which already contains peanuts.)

I think I’m actually quoted on Lucky’s website complimenting the Tweedle Twins range for ingenuity, and I stand by everything I said- the idea is great. But a great idea is just that…an idea. You have to execute it well for any success.



When you unscrew the lid on the jars of the Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins, the smell is summery which I guess makes sense what with the raspberry and white chocolate components. It’s a light and refreshing mix of tart raspberries and some sweetness from both the fruit and the white chocolate. It wasn’t particularly amazing though. In fact I was a little underwhelmed and began to wonder if I might have bigged this up too much in my head. They smelt nice but nothing more than that.

The only thing that really struck me was that it was zero degrees outside on the day I reviewed these. I should have been eating some big, warming stew or something. But instead I was attacking a delicate little jam jar with a tiny teaspoon to get at the pretty colours. Not exactly the definition of manliness it has to be said!



Well the top layer of raspberry and white chocolate in these Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins is UNBELIEVABLE. It is the smoothest, silkiest, creamiest and more flawlessly textured blend that I can remember eating. I have no idea how Lucky’s produce such smoothness, but the Berry Velvet totally justifies its ‘velvet’ name. And the flavour is super as well- it’s refreshingly sweet without being sickly in the slightest. The tartness of the raspberry element is the perfect tonic to the natural fruity sweetness and the subtle white chocolate. Seriously, I would buy the topping from these Berry Velvet jars and just eat it on its own. But with a tablespoon. No wait, a ladle!

Because the red shortbread was red, it sort of tricked my brain. I had subconsciously expected it to taste of something…well, red. Tomatoes, beetroot, pepper…just something red. But instead the shortbread just tasted like ordinary shortbread. I sound a bit simple reading that back I know but perhaps you can see what I’m getting at! Lucky’s shortbread is beautifully buttery to eat, and manages to shine through here despite having to compete against the extraordinarily good raspberry topping for taste-bud attention.

The other benefit of the shortbread is of course the textural contrast- the crumbly and slightly drier consistency means that you get a nice mix from each spoonful…firstly the moist and smooth fruity topping, but then some ‘bite’ from the shortbread base.



As you may have guessed, I thought Lucky’s Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins were jaw-droppingly good. They are ridiculously indulgent and luxurious to eat, and definitely carry a price-tag to match at nearly £3 a jar. However in response to the price, I’d justify it in two ways.

The first is that good things cost money. And the Berry Velvet isn’t just good, it’s glorious. Each mini-spoonful oozes quality and the freshness of the ingredients is obvious…the jar is alive with flavour. Secondly, there is no way you can eat one of these things and still be thinking about money at the end. Instead, you’ll just be thinking about how awesome they taste! Whilst I was eating the Berry Velvet, everything else on my mind evaporated… I was just thinking about the flavour. I gave the other jar to my sister to eat (this is a perfect product for her) and she agreed totally.

I have no hesitation in giving these the highest ever rating on The Snack Review. It isn’t just the nicest thing I’ve reviewed, but it was of the nicer things I can remember ever eating to be honest.

Absolutely stunning.

Rating- 9.4/10.


6 responses to “Lucky’s Berry Velvet Tweedle Twins

  1. officedollie

    March 6, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Great review thank you! Although my bank balance is not so impessed after yesterday I caved in and ordered some items…mostly for “Mothers Day” based on your previous reviews!

  2. Alex Britten

    March 6, 2013 at 9:32 am

    Can these be bought in Norwich?

  3. Kevs Snack Reviews (@kevvieguy)

    March 6, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Good review Dave, I’m seriously considering buying some of these they sound ace!

  4. grocerygems

    March 6, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Wow a 9.4! They look absolutely delicious. I still haven’t tried Lucky’s but I’m going to give them a go soon!

  5. TheSnackReview

    March 7, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Office Dollie- My pleasure! Hopefully you agree with my comments and thoughts on the whole. If not- do feel free to come back and have a go at me!

    AB- They are internet based and they deliver anywhere in the UK.

    Kev and Kizzle, from the three flavours of Tweedle Twins I’ve reviewed so far (and these Berry Velvet were the best of the lot) Lucky’s couldn’t carry a stronger recommendation from me. Great company. I’m buying more of their bits and bobs to review very soon!


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