Cadbury Caramello Roll

27 Feb

016After a couple of savoury crisp reviews recently, I’m back into some unusual chocolate in the form of Cadbury Australia’s Caramello Roll. Essentially these seem to be a Cadbury’s attempt at recreating the Rolo, with each packet containing about a dozen little chocolate pieces containing golden caramel. It’s bold from Cadbury Australia to try and imitate (or even beat) Nestle’s Rolo because, well, the Rolo is A) bloody good and B) bloody successful. But those crazy Aussies obviously have no fear, and they’ve taken time out from having a BBQ wearing cork-hats (well, probably- they’re Australian) to have a crack at bettering it.



You get 55g of chocolate in each packet of ‘rolls’ and I managed to buy these from CyberCandy (a personal favourite shop of mine, long time readers might have realised) for about £1.90 if I remember correctly. Cadbury Australia’s exact description is that these are ‘Dairy Milk- milk chocolate with smooth flowing caramel’. Whether they are actually copies of Rolos is therefore up for discussion, as Rolos don’t really ‘flow’ per se. In fact at room temperature they’re pretty thick and set.

Now I have actually tried a similar kind of product to these Caramello Rolls before. An Aussie reader Aimee very thoughtfully brought over the Cadbury’s Caramello Koala from Down Under which I reviewed just before Christmas… whether or not these rolls will taste exactly the shame but in a non-animalistic shape I’m not sure. But even if they do, I had to buy them…I mean they’re Cadbury’s Rolos!




Each roll is a decent size, perhaps just a touch smaller than a Rolo but roughly the same and identical in shape. Above is one of the rolls positioned next to a 10p coin for scale. As about 65% of my readership is non-British, this is probably not going to be that helpful of you. My bad. But as I didn’t have any Euros, Rubbles, Quarters etc lying around to use at the time of the photo, you’ll just have to use your imagination a bit!

Now I love the shape of both the Rolo and now these Caramello Rolls. I bought these because the shape jumped out at me from the shelf, and they are just generally more appealing to me than a bog-standard rectangular bar of Cadbury’s Caramel. HOWEVER they are the only snack that tries to escape when you put them down. Call it evolution or whatever, but they seem determined to survive being eaten by rolling away from my grasp. STAY STILL AND LET ME EAT YOU FFS!





They looked nice enough. The wrapper is colourful without being too garish, and inside the paper and foil packaging are about a dozen or 15 little light-brown chocolates.  Inside each chocolate is a thick amber-coloured caramel, more ‘chewy’ than ‘flowing’ as the description on this product suggested but none the less delicious looking.

The smell didn’t quite match up to Cadbury UK’s caramel but was nice too- a really strong butteriness. The rolls seem to somehow lack a bit of the luxuriousness that our UK caramel has, but it was still nice opening this packet up.



The caramel tastes identical to the Caramello Koala, but it works better here because of the proportions. Whereas the Koala contained MUCH more caramel (making it overly sweet) these Caramello Rolls are made up more of milk chocolate than of caramel meaning the sticky and chewy centre isn’t quite so strong. Which is nice, because it means you can eat more of them without feeling queasy! The caramel definitely doesn’t ‘flow’ here by the way- Cadbury Australia produce a similar consistency to the Nestle Rolo as the centre of these rolls is firmly set.

The toffee-like taste of the caramel pairs up well with the milk chocolate which is decent enough. As I mentioned with the Caramello Koala, Cadbury Australia’s milk chocolate has a noticeably different melt which is less smooth than our British version. However as you don’t (well, I didn’t anyway) slowly melt these Caramello Rolls in your mouth, that isn’t really a problem…I was just chewing away at them which meant that the melt of the chocolate coating was pretty irrelevant.

I liked these.



The idea of these Cadbury’s Caramello Rolls is good. I’m a little surprised that we haven’t seen a similar product launched in the UK, but perhaps Rolos are just so established here that Cadbury UK don’t even think it’s worth pursuing.

The taste isn’t outstanding, with some ‘alright’ chocolate paired up with a ‘decent’ caramel centre. But, much like with the Caramello Koala, they combine to make a pleasantly sweet snack which I certainly enjoyed chewing away on. I much prefer this format to the standard Dairy Milk Caramel (i.e. the regular shaped bar) as you feel like you’ve got a lot more for your money. In bar form, you get 5 or 6 pieces which are gone in a flash and that’s it. With these Caramello Rolls, each roll takes a little while to eat and as you get more than a dozen rolls, you can even wrap the foil packet up and easily save some for later.

Good stuff Cadbury Australia.

Rating- 7.4/10.


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2 responses to “Cadbury Caramello Roll

  1. Alex Britten

    February 27, 2013 at 9:43 am

    100% a terrible idea to read your blog whilst hungry!

    • TheSnackReview

      February 27, 2013 at 5:06 pm

      Don’t read it before you go shopping either.

      Cost you a fortune!


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