Hotel Chocolat Salted Peanut Creams

21 Feb

031I haven’t reviewed as much Hotel Chocolat stuff as I would have liked to since I started this site. They have a brilliant array of produce constantly on sale and they’re one of my favourite chocolate businesses anywhere…but whilst I eat plenty of their chocolate, especially the mini-slabs which they make, I normally demolish it without sitting down and writing a review. So REALLY, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s fault for making their chocolates too nice looking. But I just about managed to control myself around these Salted Peanut Creams, so I actually have written a review of them!



I didn’t actually buy these- I was given them by my Mum. So thanks for that Mum…she thought that they looked and sounded like my kind of thing, and I definitely agree with her. I think that these Salted Peanut Creams look like classier, posher, peanut butter cups. I’m not sure how much these cost her but similar kind of products from Hotel Chocolat normally sell in the £3-£5 range I think. For that money you get 6 individual chocolates here, all packaged together in a 45g box…so the cost per chocolate is slightly above average but still very reasonable.

Each chocolate comes in a little black paper case with a smooth chocolate top, making them appear exactly like peanut butter cups. And Hotel Chocolat’s description that these are ‘dark creamy peanut praline balanced by a pinch of Fleur de Sel sea salt’. So they do sound a little like peanut butter cups too…but the kind of peanut butter cups that the Queen would eat. If she ate peanut butter cups. Which I’m sure she doesn’t…I reckon that she likes Yorkies. “Not for girls? One is the QUEEN”.





The Salted Peanut Creams came packaged in Hotel Chocolat’s signature style for all of their smaller chocolates and mini-slabs- a clear cellophane wrapper which really shows the whole product off. And when the chocolates themselves look as easy on the eye as these do, it’s easy to understand why Hotel Chocolat want to show them off. If you’ve got an amazing body, you’re probably more likely to wear a bikini than if you look like the Elephant Man. And that same theory applies to chocolate- when the chocolates themselves look classy and enticing, why cover them up?

I’m a bit of a peanut snob. And as I always expect the best from Hotel Chocolat, I’m expecting these to be sensational…anything short of that will be extremely disappointing.




They even smell like posh peanut butter cups. I mean, the chocolate is much more delicate and refined with more character than Reese’s etc, but in essence it’s the same kind of thing; an intense peanut smell with a little sweetness. These don’t have the same creaminess that you might expect from a peanut butter cup…because these obviously don’t have peanut butter in them! But instead each Salted Peanut Cream is more intensely nutty and has more richness from the chocolate coating which is undoubtedly much higher in cocoa solids.



Look, let’s not waste time- these were fecking awesome. I absolutely loved them.

The cocoa heavy chocolate flavour paired with the slight nuttiness (which is more hazelnutty than peanutty to begin with…not all that surprising given that there is actually slightly more hazelnut paste in this than peanut!) is absolutely gorgeous. After that initial hazelnut flavour, the saltier, more savoury peanut comes to the fore. And the final part of the taste is the delicate balance of the slight saltiness (from the nuts and the sea salt) and slight sweetness from the chocolate itself.

The texture is excellent and not even comparable to a peanut butter cup. The melt of the chocolate is luxuriously smooth whilst the praline cream centre itself is even smoother. Even if you didn’t like the flavour, the consistency of these chocolates is superb.



Hotel Chocolat’s Salted Peanut Creams were absolutely excellent I thought. Each one is only little, but after just 2 chocolates I felt immensely satisfied- they are jam packed with flavour and therefore a little bite or two of these goes a long, long way. They might look like little peanut butter cups, but they look classier, and they taste infinitely better. They’re well-made and miles away from a Reese’s product as you’d hope for given their respective costs.

I was very impressed with these and would definitely advise giving them a try if you find them, but as for me, Hotel Chocolat’s ranges move so quickly and are so consistently innovative that I’l try something else next time I’m in one of their shops.

Rating- 8.6/10.


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4 responses to “Hotel Chocolat Salted Peanut Creams

  1. Kevs Snack Reviews (@kevvieguy)

    February 21, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Haha, I’m the same Dave, I always nip in to Hotel Chocola, pick up some chocolate and think “ooh this would make a good review”, then end up eating it before I can take any pics! Nice analogy with the supermodels and packaging.

    Good review, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for these, they sound awesome.

  2. TheSnackReview

    February 22, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    I probably would have reviewed 8-10 more Hotel Chocolat products if they weren’t so visually great.

    We’d both be better off if they put everything in brown paper bags instead!

  3. Creamy Steaks (@CreamySteaks)

    February 22, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Those look amazing! They aren’t on the Hotel Chocolat website from what I can see, suppose I’ll just have to go into a store soon. Wouldn’t have taken note of these without this review, so thank you!

  4. TheSnackReview

    February 22, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I did have a look on their website too Steaks- I was trying to find the exact price. But there is loads of stuff which isn’t on Hotel Chocolat’s website but that I saw in their shop when I was last in there… especially the mini-slabs and packaged chocolates like these.

    Weird really, because they are losing out on online sales you would have thought. But hey ho, that’s their decision!

    Good luck finding them!


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