Lindt Cookie Crunch

04 Feb

001I don’t often buy Lindt as a spur of the moment thing. They make decent enough chocolate, but it doesn’t particularly excite or inspire me…they are ‘safe’ and you normally know what you’re getting from them. But I was knocking around in WHSmith when I saw a Lindt produced bar titled the Cookie Crunch. Ever heard of it? Because I hadn’t.



So I bought it. The Cookie Crunch isn’t marketed in any way as new or limited edition, which leads me to conclude that I must have just failed to notice it for the last decade of my life since I’ve been buying chocolate. Has anyone else seen this before? If so…has it been around long? Please do comment- I’m genuinely intrigued!

It comes in 100g format as most Lindt things tend to, and is ‘milk chocolate with crunchy pieces of cookies’.

One thing that struck me about the Cookie Crunch was that it wasn’t very traditionally Lindt. The Swiss giants usually stick to nut, fruit and caramel filled products. I’ve never seen them use biscuit or cookie that I can think of off the top of my head. So perhaps this is Lindt ‘thinking outside the box’ to use the horribly overused cliché.





This bar is riddled with cookies. Well, ‘riddled’ is usually used in a negative sense…like disease or crime or bullets. Fine, the Cookie Crunch is jam-packed with cookie pieces. When I broke a piece off, it literally sounded more like breaking a cookie than it did breaking a piece of chocolate. Each and every square of chocolate (if we’re being picky then I think they might be rectangular pieces if I get my ruler out) as you will see in all of the photos has dozens and dozens of beige coloured biscuit/cookie nibs.

The wrapper looks like Lindt’s Double Milk bar I reviewed a long time ago. So I’d guess it’s from the same range, making it all the stranger than most supermarkets sell Lindt’s Double Milk and yet this bad boy has been successfully hiding from me up to this point in my life.




The cookie on the front of the wrapper actually looks like a Rusk. For any non-British readers, Rusks are biscuits specifically designed for babies and young children. (I’ve tried something similar before in Germany called a Zweiback.) They are also without doubt my guilty pleasure snack- and if any company ever makes a Rusk filled chocolate bar, I will give them some kind of reward. And probably a 10/10 rating. Rusks RULE.

Lindt’s milk chocolate has very recognisable characteristics. It’s very indulgent and creamy, and for many people it’s actually too sickly. I don’t mind it though, and it smells nice enough, although there is a total lack of cookie-ness with this bar really. Still though, the trademark creaminess from the chocolate is inviting.



We all know about Lindt’s milk chocolate- the chances are you’ve tried it and already decided whether you like it or not. One thing is for sure, it’s incredibly sweet and intensely creamy. If you live your life loving sweetness and light, you’ll be a big fan of it. If you’re more sensitive and prefer things a little less full on then you won’t be able to stomach it. But Lindt’s milk chocolate isn’t the interesting part with the Cookie Crunch- the cookie bits obviously are.

First thing to note- there are LOADS of cookie pieces as mentioned earlier on. They might only appear from the outside of the bar as tiny little flecks of brown colour, but they pack a real crunch. I absolutely love the texture of them- as the name of the bar suggests, they really do make the bar crunch. Each bite is exactly like eating a slightly more chocolatey cookie with the dry crispiness of the little pieces. They might be about 100 times smaller than a cookie but combined they represent a full sized cookie very well.

The sickly milk chocolate and sweet cookie are very sweet together though, even for somebody with a sweet-ish tooth like me. Had the cookie pieces been more oaty or wheaty it might have been alright, but eating the Cookie Crunch in bulk is a tough job because of the lack of balance.



I’m not going to moan too much at all about Lindt’s Cookie Crunch bar though. Sure, you couldn’t possibly eat loads of it quickly without feeling queasy- the combination of Lindt’s chocolate and the cookie is just sugar overkill! But a couple of pieces of this with a cuppa (cup of tea for non-English readers!) were just the ticket and worked beautifully. Likewise it would probably go well with a coffee too.

This isn’t fancy or clever but the smooth melting milk chocolate and crispy (and plentiful) cookie pieces are a nice contrast and despite the tremendous sweetness it is an adequate bar of chocolate and a satisfactory snack. And if you have a really sweet tooth you’ll probably adore it.

Rating- 7.4/10.


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3 responses to “Lindt Cookie Crunch

  1. Alex Britten

    February 4, 2013 at 10:31 am

    This looks like my dream

  2. TheSnackReview

    February 5, 2013 at 9:52 am

    It was mine too…for about a piece and a half.

    Then the good old sweetness induced tummy-ache hit me.

    Sickly TO THE MAX.

  3. lmac

    August 13, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    This is really nice eaten in small doses. I kept it in the fridge and ate it 4 pieces at a time over a week and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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