Cadbury Golden Crisp

01 Feb

016Ireland is well known for a lot of things. Guinness (The Irish consume more beer per head than any other country in the world); leprechauns; passion; sport; fighting and a lot more. Those are ordinarily what people think of when they think or Ireland right? Well every country and culture has hidden gems as well, and that is what I’m hoping the review today will turn out to be- it’s Cadbury Ireland’s Golden Crisp bar. Without even a drop of Guinness.



I’ve seen the Golden Crisp before from Cadbury Ireland as I’ve got a mother who grew up there and adores their Tiffin bar which is from the same 54g range. I can even remember trying their Caramello bar a long, long time ago whilst in Ireland…although that was far before my reviewing started so I couldn’t tell you what it was like. It did have caramel in it though- you can have that info for free!

The Golden Crisp is ‘milk chocolate with golden honeycombed granules’. Or in other words, it is a bar of their Dairy Milk chocolate with crumbled up bits of Crunchie in it by the sounds of it.

I can now add Cadbury Ireland to the growing list of varied Cadbury companies that I’ve tried- UK, U.S, Canada, Australia, South Africa and (most bizarrely) Egypt. Currently it is the Egyptian chocolate, found on their SMS bar just before Christmas, which leads the way from our very own British stuff. This Cadbury Ireland product was sent to me by CyberCandy– so thanks for that guys!





The shape of the Golden Crisp is probably the most notable visual thing about it. It is a 54g bar and a single serving size (50-60g is the norm for individual chocolate bars) but rather than the long and thin rectangular shape, Cadbury Ireland have gone for a shorter and fatter approach with 8 individual squares to it. And it’s a bit of an optical illusion- it looks quite small in your hand initially, more like a child sized bar. Yet when you get into it, the 8 pieces are plenty and just as filling as a normal shaped bar.

I actually like the change to be honest- as a non-Irish customer, this has got some novelty value and the change up in shape makes the Golden Crisp that little more interesting. The wrapper itself isn’t all that inspiring…it is aesthetically as you’d expect from Cadbury. (“What have we got boys?” “Urgh, a Dairy Milk Golden Crisp, boss.” “Okey dokey, throw in some Cadbury’s purple, throw in some gold and we’re sorted.”) It is tidy without being remarkable.





Taking photos (I’m like a fashonista/photographer trying to make my subject look as pretty as possible!) I broke into the pieces for the first time and was astonished at how crisp the honeycomb chunks were. Well, ‘chunks’ is the wrong word, they’re sort of like Rice Krispies cereal in size but ridiculously crunchy. You really have to work to crack open the firm chocolate, but when you do, you can actually feel the bar breaking around the honeycomb nibs- they’re so strong that they don’t crack in the half, the chocolate just breaks around them!

I’d expected it to smell like a Crunchie bar. My reasoning? Well, Cadbury’s honeycomb plus Cadbury’s milk chocolate = the same smell. I was wrong. This is much more chocolate heavy; it’s milk chocolate with a little honeycomb rather than vice versa like a Crunchie is. Cadbury Ireland’s Dairy Milk is totally different to our UK version- the Golden Crisp is covered by more chocolatey and less milky stuff.



The chocolate here is mouth-watering and lusciously creamy. I’d describe it as thicker than any other Cadbury’s chocolate I’ve tried before- when it melts, it is almost like having double cream in your mouth rather than a glass of milk. And I absolutely love it- the melt is thick but never too gloopy and the sweetness is toned down from British Dairy Milk with a tad more richness to accompany the honeycomb. Not beating around the bush, this is my favourite Dairy Milk recipe I’ve tried from around the world, usurping Cadbury Egypt’s stuff which is knocked down into the number two spot.

The honeycomb though, is a fail. As I wrote earlier, there are plenty of golden honeycomb nibs and they’re all cool and crispy and fun to chew on. But they don’t taste of anything. Cadbury’s Crunchie bar has a cracking toffee flavour to the honeycomb, but these little bits are just about tasteless. Not bad, not offensive…but just bland and dull.



So, my final thoughts of Cadbury ‘Oiland’s’ (say it aloud, you’ll get it!) Golden Crisp? Well, this bar was all about the Dairy Milk chocolate which was cracking. Shame about the rather weak honeycomb aspect, but the milk chocolate was tasty enough to cover the shortfalls of the honeycomb. It is ridiculously heavy and creamy, and it might even be too much for some people…but I laaaaaav it!

Would I eat it again? Absolutely yes. But not before I try some of the other bars from the same Cadbury Ireland 54g range in the form of their Tiffin and Caramello bars…if you’re reading this Tiffin and Caramello…I’m coming for you boys. Don’t even try and run- you’re mine.

Rating- 8.0/10. (Chocolate would be higher…but it’s supposed to be a honeycomb bar!)


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5 responses to “Cadbury Golden Crisp

  1. The sparking recoverer

    February 1, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    Being an Irish girl, I have to admitt and be biased….This is one of my favourite choccie bars :), Great review!!

  2. TheSnackReview

    February 1, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Rebecca, I always thought that the ‘luck of the Irish’ was a load of crap. However after trying the Cadbury Ireland Dairy Milk…well, maybe you’re a bit luckier than I’d thought!

    And thanks!


  3. Pauline

    February 11, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Dave from a fellow Cybercandy fan and blogger ! I’m working my way through some bars too and I don’t know how I missed this thanks for the reminder off to buy 🙂

  4. TheSnackReview

    February 12, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Hi Pauline- just found your blog and some of your stuff looks amazing! Your sunset layer cake is brilliant.

    I’m slightly less creative with my Cybercandy samples. By that, I mean they’re straight out of the wrapper and into my mouth!

    The Golden Crisp is well worth a go, and hopefully I’l be able to review more of the Cadbury’s Ireland stuff soon!

  5. Paul

    June 20, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    Cadbury, sorry, rapacioius US multinational Mondelez, has ceased making the 100g bars of Golden Crisp. They’ll probably cease making the 54g bars soon too. Get there while you can.


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